House Smells Like Gas: The Dangerous and What to Do

House smells like gas. It sounds dangerous. So, what should you do if you are experiencing such a thing? When the gas cylinder is really leaked, it doesn’t only lead to the fire but also toxic for your body.

So, some treatments need to be done as soon as possible. You should not worry too much for sure. There are some steps to do if you smell gas at home. Check them out.

Even before the gas leakage cases, you must have prepared the tools and equipment needed to avoid the fire. It includes gas masks and a fire extinguisher.

Then, just after you smell the gas, immediately turn on the electric power at home. Make sure also that there is nobody around who is smoking. Check whether the stove is turned on or not. If it is, turn the stove off immediately.

What to Do if the House Smells Like Gas

What to Do if the House Smells Like Gas

Check the Leakage

In fact, if your house smells like natural gas, not all the smell of gas is caused by the leakage of the cylinder. One of the main characteristics of natural gas is no smell, color, and taste.

Since maintaining the characteristics is not good, the producers add a substance, namely Mercaptan, for the smell that is not dangerous.

Sure, it means that the main function of Mercaptan is as the first warning when natural gas leakage happens.

However, the smell of Mercaptan also often comes out when the cylinder is almost empty. Therefore, the sign of the leakage is not only about the smell but also some other things. They are the hissing sound, white smoke, bubbles, and dew around the cylinder.

Meanwhile, the color of the fire on the stove is not blue but orange or even yellow completely. If you are putting plants around, they are suddenly withered. When you are finding two of the characteristics, it is clear that the cylinder has been leaked. Also, check the possibility of your water heater smells like gas.

Open the Door and Windows

When there is still no fire, you should not directly use the fire extinguisher. The first aid is actually by opening all the windows and doors. Meanwhile, you and all the people inside must go out of the house for around 15 minutes.

You can come back to the house when the smell is no longer strong. For your own safety, it is much better not to use the cylinder anymore. Put it in a safe place. Meanwhile, the small fire can be extinguished by the extinguisher you have prepared at home.

Emergency Call

The problem is if there is a quite big fire. If you have experienced this matter, it means that the leakage has turned into a disaster. Do the emergency call before it is getting worse.

Besides, there are also some health problems caused by gas leakage, including respiratory disorder, unconsciousness, convulsions, nausea, and more.

For the victims, evacuate them immediately to the open and fresh air. When they are not moving or even breathing, tilt the head to avoid the choke, call the medical crew for CPR, and always prepare with phone call number on emergency, even if the house smells like gas but no leak.

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