Honda Generators EU2000i, the Reliable Portable Generator

Inclement weather and the electrical grid’s unpredictable work make we do not know for sure when the power blackout will occur. Therefore we should take precautions by purchasing reliable generators such as Honda generators EU2000i.

It is a high-quality generator in a compact size. The generator is very reliable for any power outage situation, indoor or outdoor.

Honda Generators EU2000i Reliable

Honda Generators EU2000i Review

Honda, famous manufacture, make this generator from Japan. Basically, the machine is a high-quality product that is durable and reliable for delivering power supply, but the manufacturer gives a 3-year warranty to convince the customers.

Have a look for a simple honda eu2000i review and features from this generator :

Honda Generators EU2000i User Convenience

To start the engine, you need to pull the starter rope, but do not worry. The mechanism is easy to use, and it does not need arm strength.

Honda Generators EU2000i Weight and Portability

This generator’s weight is only 46 lb, which is quite light to be carried with only one hand anywhere and anytime. Its small package adds more advantages for carrying the generator around. It gives benefit for outdoor activities where you may need to move often.

Honda Generators EU2000i

Honda Generators EU2000i Fuel Capacity

Looking at the engine’s weight, you may have guessed that the fuel capacity of this generator was not too large. The fuel capacity of the EU2000i is 1.1 gallons. If we convert to the metric unit, we will get about 4.2 liters. The generator can run for about 8 hours in one full tank. It is a very efficient machine.

Honda Generators EU2000i Power output

This generator has three output, two for AC output and one DC output, so you can connect the generator with various appliances which need a constant power supply. The maximum output this generator can load is 2000 watts. If it loads maximum output constantly, the generator can run for approximately 4 hours. However, if you reduce the output, the generator can run much longer.

Honda Generators EU2000i Maintenance

This generator is considered low maintenance. You may need to change the oil regularly, but it is an easy process. If you do not know when the oil is low, you can check if the engine is shutting down or not. If it is shutting down, it means the engine needs more oil.

The engine parts of EU2000i  are easy to find just in case you want to replace them. Use manual instruction included in the packages if you do not know how to break down the machine.

Honda EU2000i Engine

Honda Generators EU2000i price

This generator costs around one thousand dollars. Looking for the power output and the additional features, this generator is reasonably priced.

Honda Generators EU2000i Additional Features

Honda EU2000i has a noise reduction feature that would make sure the generator doesn’t disturb the surrounding environment with its noise. The level of noise from this generator is only 59 dB. The noise is just like a hum. You won’t even notice that there is a generator working in the background.

Honda generators EU2000i also has an Eco-Throttle feature that saves the consumption of fuel. It means the generator is eco-friendly and also friendly for any sensitive electronic machines. For other details, you can download the honda eu2000i manual on the official website.

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