Bobcat 773 Specs and Problems and How to Buy It

Bobcat 773 is a skid steer loader that first appeared on the market in 1994. Although it is considered an old loader today, it is still a worth-purchasing loader. By understanding Bobcat 773 specs and problems and the right way to buy it, you can find this loader reliable equipment to use at home.

Why Bobcat 773?

Why should you buy a two decades old loader if buying a new loader is risk-free? Obviously, price becomes the priority for buying a used machine; however, besides the significant price cut, there are actually many other reasons why buying a used Bobcat 773 a plausible decision.

Bobcat 773 Specs

1. Construction equipment technology is slow.

Unlike electronics and computers, whose evolution rate is lightning speed, the advancement of technologies used by construction equipment is relatively slow. Therefore, even an old skid steer loader still feels new today.

2. Bobcat 773 is the best of the 700-series models.

Bobcat released three models in its 700-series skid steer loaders: 753, 763, and 773. By looking at Bobcat 773 specs, you will know that it is the most advanced in terms of features.

3. Bobcat 773’s giant arms are unmistakable.

Bobcat 773 looks unique with its large black arms—a feature that is rare even in Bobcat’s latest models. Their large arms not only give Bobcat 773 a mean look but also provide the loader with a higher and longer reach, especially when lifting.

4. Rebuilt Bobcat 773 is available.

If you worry about the condition of your decades-old equipment, you can buy a rebuilt model. A rebuilt model is made from used components with reasonable quality to ensure that the final product is the best of all used equipment. Some rebuilt models even come with a warranty.

5. A used Bobcat 773 has gone through depreciation period.

This is another reason why buying a used Bobcat 773 is financially viable. New loaders depreciate during their first year, so their price has dropped significantly by the second year. When you buy a used Bobcat 773, you will pay it at a low price. And when you resell it, the price difference will not be significant.

There are so many reasons to buy a used Bobcat 773, but you can figure out your own reasons after finding out about Bobcat 773 specs and any Bobcat 773 problems that you have to deal with upon purchase.

Bobcat 773 Specs


Whenever we talk about industrial equipment specs, the engine is always a priority because the engine determines the equipment’s power. Bobcat 773, just like all 700-series skid steer loaders, comes with a 4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine.

Bobcat 773 Specs Engine

At 46 horsepower, it is more powerful than the 40-hp 753 and shares similar power with the 763 models. Of all 700-series models, Bobcat 773 is the one with the heaviest engine, contributing to its improved operational capacity.

Performance and Speed

Bobcat 773’s rated operating capacity and tipping load are 1700 lbs. (771 kg) and 3800 lbs. (1724 kg), respectively, making it the most powerful skid steer loader Bobcat’s 700-series models. The operating capacity can be increased to 1800 lbs. (816 kg) if an optional counterweight is added. With hydraulic pump capacity rated at 15 GPM, it should offer decent hydraulic breakout and more than enough power to handle all available attachments (more than 25 of them available.).

Bobcat 773 offers a decent travel speed of up to 7 mph (11 km/hr.). Unlike its more modern counterparts, Bobcat 773 doesn’t support a two-speed option to increase its travel speed.


Bobcat 773 is the biggest skid steer loader in the 700 series, but it is still considered a compact machine. The length, width, and height of this loader are 130.1 inches (3305 mm), 68.1 inches (1731 mm), and 76.3 inches (1938 mm), respectively. Bucket attachment is included in this measurement. The loader’s height to bucket pin is measured at 115 inches (2921 mm), making it a skid steer loader with rather a long reach when used for lifting.

Bobcat 773 Specs Dimension

Bobcat 773 Problems

Buying a used skid steer loader requires you to understand Bobcat 773 specs and understand Bobcat 773 problems, be they problems inherent in the model or problems associated with used equipment in general.

Bobcat 773 is known for its oversized arms, which give it a higher and longer reach when lifting the load. Although the arms give a big advantage to the loader, some people find the arms too obstructive to their side views. It might be harder to see what’s on your loader’s sides when you are inside the cab.

Other problems are mostly associated with a used machine. You should detect leaks at the loader’s wheels and signs of wear and tear on the bushings, especially if you plan to use multiple attachments. Bushings bear the biggest load when operating a loader, so this part will be the most vulnerable to wearing out.

Lastly, make sure that the engine area and hydraulic compartment are clean. A skid steer loader, even an old one, will remain dependable as long as it is properly maintained.

How to Buy a Used Bobcat 773

There are several important things to mind if you want to buy a used Bobcat 773 or even Bobcat S250.

1. Learn about its operational hours.

The operational hours of industrial equipment are equivalent to the mileage of used cars. The longer it is used, the more prone it is to problems. The most reasonable operational hours for a used loader are between 1000 and 2000 hours. You should buy the machine as a second owner, though it may not be easy, especially if you buy a decades-old machine.

2. Check the condition thoroughly.

Refer to the problems section above to learn about all problems you have to detect before finalizing your deal. It is important to make sure that the loader you buy is free from all Bobcat 773 problems.

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