Bobcat S185 Specs

If you happen to want to buy a Bobcat s185, you must know about the Bobcat s185 specs. Knowing the specification of anything that you want to buy is important. By knowing about the specifications, you will know what kind of machine you buy and what you should or should not do with it.

As we all know, Bobcat is a company that builds many compact types of equipment such as track loaders, skid-steer loaders, excavators, and many more. Bobcat s185 is one of the skid-steer loaders made by the Bobcat company.

If you want to buy one, you first need to look at the Bobcat s185 review. Therefore, in this article, we will give you all of the information related to Bobcat s185.

Bobcat S185 Specs

Bobcat S185 Specs Detail

The first you need to know is that this skid-steer loader has a luxury instrument panel. You will be able to operate it by having close monitoring easily. This kind of instrument panel will also prevent a thief because it is keyless.

Bobcat s185 instrument panel

The next information is about fingertip control. With this adjustment, you will easily control the skid-steer loader, and make you feel comfortable.

The third piece of information is about the heat and AC. These two features are already built into the machine, and they have automotive-style vents which will allow you to point the airflow depending on the weather.

The fourth piece of information is that this machine has a massive entry. The swing door provides you with a spacey room for an exit and entry. The fifth piece of information is there is a radio in this machine. The radio has an auxiliary audio input jack for your audio devices.

Then, the last piece of information you need to know is that there is a suspension seat to easily adjust and make yourself comfortable when you sit on it.

Bobcat S185 entry door

The Specification of the Bobcat S185

Now, after you know about the detailed information of the Bobcat s185, we jump into the specification of this skid-steer loader. This loader uses an S185 engine and uses liquid for the cooling engine phase. The emissions tier or the EPA of this loader uses Interim Tier 4. Next, this skid-steer loader uses diesel for the engine fuel for 24 gals and has 61 Horsepower. This loader also has a turbocharged engine.

The rated operating capacity or SAE is 1850 lbs, and the tipping load is 4076 lbs, and the operating weight is 6220 lbs. Then, the travel speed for this loader is 7.3 mph to 11.1 mph. This Bobcat also has a hydraulic system and 3300 psi system relief. The auxiliary flow is 16.9 GPM for the standard and 26.4 GPM for the high flow.

The length of this loader is 101.9 in, while the bucket is 130.3 in. The width of this loader is 66 in, while the bucket is 68 in. Meanwhile, the height is 76.3 in, while the bucket hinge pin is 118.2 in. The last Bobcat s185 spec is that this loader has a turning radius of 78.8 in.

If you need the specs in more detail, you can also download the Bobcat S185 Specs PDF.

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