Bobcat T190 Specs Review

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Bobcat T190 Specs will help people to make decision whether the Bobcat T190 is the best choice of loader for them or not. Choosing the best loader will mean a lot because it will affect the work a lot. Of course it will be crucial investment when people buy it.

When people just get the rented loader, they still need to make sure that the loader comes with the best performance. That is why paying attention to the specification of the loader must not be forgotten. Here are things which people should learn more from the machine.


Understanding about the performance of the machine surely becomes the very first thing which should be learned from this machine. Before people can make the best use of the loader, they need to make sure that the operating capacity is good enough. The rated capacity during the operation of this machine is 862 kilograms or 1900 pounds.

Bobcat T190 performance

Of course there are more aspects of the machine which will affect the performance of the loader including the tipping load which is 2463 kilograms while the capacity of the hydraulic pump is 61.7 liters per minute. This machine also comes with option of high flow which is 96.5 liters per minute. When people are talking about Bobcat T190 Specs, they must not forget about the ground pressure which reaches 34.5kPa.

Performance of the loader is not only about its capacity but also about the speed of traveling. In this circumstance, Bobcat T190 can move with 11.4 kilometers per hour. Last but not least about the performance, people also need to consider about the weight of the machine operating which reaches 3286 kilograms.

Bobcat T190 Specs


Besides the performance, people also have to know properly about the dimensions of the machine. This is something which cannot be ignored when people are checking on the Bobcat T190 Specs. When the machine is measured with the bucket, the length is 3310 millimeters. As for the width, the machine comes with 1727 millimeters when measured with the bucket.

Bobcat T190 dimensions

The dimension measurement will not be completed without considering about the height of the loader. It comes with 1938 millimeters. However, different measurement can be found when people are talking about the height to the pin of the bucket. It must be 3018 millimeters.


It is the time to know about the engine because there is no way the loader can help people to work faster and easier without the support from the right machine. Bobcat T190 comes with great engine which can ensure the best performance for heavy duty works.

The engine is Kubota V2403M-DI-T. Of course people also have to know about the fuel needed by this engine. It is diesel engine after all so people should adjust the fuel properly. It also comes with liquid cooling system.

Bobcat T190 Engine

It comes with four cylinders according to the Bobcat T190 Specs so people can make sure that this machine can really handle the heavy duty tasks. The engine has the fuel tank which comes with 101.5 liters capacity. With 61 horsepower, this machine surely can be one of the best representations for people who are looking for loader with the best performance.


People might also want to learn more about the T190 Bobcat Problems because they want to make sure that they get the best support from the loader. First of all, they actually need to have understanding about the operation of the machine.

It is associated to the steering as well as drive of the loader. There are two hand levers which can be used for controlling the speed as well as direction of the machine. The track drive is made from rubber material with fully hydrostatic operation.

There is no way people can neglect the hydraulic operation of Bobcat T190. It is necessary to make sure that the hydraulic operation can be used properly for supporting the works. In fact, operator can lower and raise the lift arms of the machine.

The bucket can also be dumped or rolled back easily by the operator. Those operations can be done by using two foot pedals. Actually the operator can also use the hand controls which are optional for controlling those operations.

Standard Features

From the Bobcat T190 Specs information, people can find that this machine is supported with several standard features which can be found in any Bobcat loader. The machine comes with vinyl seat which has adjustable suspension.

The glow plugs can be activated automatically. People must not forget about the auxiliary hydraulics which can give the variable and maximum flow. The machine also comes with the interlock control system by Bobcat. There is also cab for operator which comes with deluxe specification.

Bobcat T190 Specs

The comfort for operator is supported further with the cooling system which has dual path. The loader is also completed with shutdown for hydraulic or engine system. There are more features which can be found from the loader including the seat belt, seat bar, brake, warning light, lift arm support, windows on the top and the rear, tuber tracks, and also turbo charger.

Accessories and Options

The loader also has various accessories as well as optional features which can be chosen based on the needed performance of the machine. People can use the options of advanced control system which can enhance the ability of the operator for controlling the machine. People can also add the air conditioning system to the cabin for enhancing the comfort of the operator.

Other accessories can be added to Bobcat T190 including the backup alarm as well as attachment for the control kit. As for the cab, people can also use the enclosure as well as heater as optional addition. More and more accessories are available for this loader including the catalytic purifier and also instrument panel with deluxe style. Horn and start system without key can also be considered for this unit.

Ride control and water kit becomes other options which can be chosen for the loader. People can really make the best function of the loader based on available information about Bobcat T190 Specs.

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