LG Washing Machine Error Code DE: The Simplest Steps in Solving it

People might have encountered to see their LG washing machine error code DE. It happens for those who have had LG brand as their washing machine. LG is one of the most leading and developing brands that offer a wide range of home appliances.

LG Washing Machine Error Code DE

The most favorite LG products, which the people mostly buy, are the television, air conditioner, and washing machine. Here, we will narrow our discussion in the scope of the washing machine. Let’s get started.

About LG Washing Machine

The LG washing machine is divided into two types: the semi-automatic and the fully automatic washing machine. The semi-automatic washing machine has two tubs that separate the washing and then drying of the laundry.

LG Washing Machine

It works in the half-automatic and half manual since you have to put the laundry into the drying tub. Meanwhile, the fully automatic washing machine doesn’t need the separation between the washing and the drying.

What is Error Code DE?

Out of those two choices of semi-automatic washing machine and the fully automatic washing machine, the fully automatic washing machine has the chance to experience the error code DE.

Sometimes people will be blindly panics since they thought something happens to their washing machine and don’t know how to deal with it immediately.

LG Washing Machine Error Code DE

There are so many codes related to the error that might happen to your washing machine. For example, the LG washing machine error code CL means the Child Lock mode is on, and the button that works is only the Power button. LG washing machine error code DE means that there is something wrong with your door open washing machine.

A few reasons might happen to you while you are washing and doing your laundry.

The door of the washing machine might not be closed properly

When you think that you have closed the door of the washing machine, you might not realize that you have to close it properly so that this fully automatic system can give the command to finish the duty.

The door of the washing machine might not be aligned correctly

Like the first one, when the door isn’t aligned correctly, the machine will be unable to work properly.

The latch of the washing machine’s door might be faulty and need replacement

Technically, the latch shouldn’t be faulty during the washing process. When it occurred that the latch is faulty, it will be considered an error.

How to solve it?

Instead of making it long, I will show you the shortest way to fix this kind of issue. Here is the step-by-step way related to LG washing machine error code DE.

  1. Please turn off the washer and unplug it from the power.
  2. Press the start button for about 5 seconds and apply the power.
  3. Press the POWER button.
  4. Check the door either it has latched or not.
  5. Choose the cycle of your wash and press the Start button to finish.
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