What is a Leach Field ?

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What is a leach field ? This is the question which should be answered properly for making sure that the house can support the people inside it properly. It is associated with the septic system so it will be important for the health of the entire house. After understanding the leach field, people should also understand the problems which can be found from it.

What is Leach Field

What is a leach field? The leach field actually is an old term which is used for calling the septic drain field. People commonly call it soil treatment area. It is actually the subsurface of the water disposal system which is used for removing the impurities as well as contaminants from the liquid released by the septic system.

The types of leach field which are in use nowadays are varied. However, the common type which is used consists of the series of perforated PVC pipe which has four inches diameter along with the two or three foot wide trenches filled with the stone.

what is a leach field

There will also be porous materials such as sand or gravel underneath and around the pipe. It is important for promoting drainage and reducing the growth of the root near the pipeline. Over the porous material, there will be topsoil cover which is placed at a minimum level which is used as protection from wastewater contact. It is also useful for reducing the snow and rain infiltration.

Problem Signs

It is sure that the leach field has an important role in the house but there are some problems which can be found. The leach problem can be seen by some signs after all. There is a possibility of the leach field problem when people cannot flush the toilet or it is flushed slowly.

If they see the wet surface on the top of the leach field, they need to be more aware of this problem. The problem is also possible when there is water standing in the vent pipe or inspection. Another sign which can be considered is the backing up of sewage or water in the house.

leach field problems

How to Know

Now, people have seen the signs but they have to ensure whether it is really a leach field problem or not. The leach field problems can be detected clearly by calling the septic company for sure. However, people are also able to check the liquid level in the septic tank if they are able and handy enough. It can be done by using the shovel for prying up the lid of the tank. The liquid level should not be more than the lid after all.


After asking about what is a leach field, people might be wondering about the causes. The problems can appear because of various circumstances including the leach field age or problems with the installation or engineering. This problem can also be found in the tank is not pumped often enough. The compaction problems such as livestock or parking cars on the top of the lateral lines of the leach can also lead to the problems.

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