Top Best Strong Magnetic Strips

Buy the best Strong Magnetic Strips that will make your project not only perfect but also safe when installed on your wall. There are many brands of magnetic strip available to choose from for your project. Here are the top 8 best strong magnetic strips you can buy in the online store and in-home improvement store.

Xbet magnetic squares

1 sheet of 70 self-adhesive magnetic strips. This is the leader of magnetic strip brands for the craft. It is a strong, long-lasting, flexible, and durable magnetic strip. It’s easy to cut and set.

The sticky magnet does not leave the mark with the adhesive on the side and the flexible magnet on the other. It is available to use in plastic, metal, tiles, concrete, and others.

Xbet magnetic squares


Ventaja magnetic strip is a strong adhesive magnetic strip with a package of folding pair scissor. This strong magnetic strip has a firm grip that makes it easier to apply to the surface with magnetic linear. It can handle heat up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fuze magnetic strip

This magnetic strip’s size is 1 inch X 15 ft. this is a heavy-duty magnetic strip that uses for kitchen rack, refrigerator, dry erase whiteboard, window, wall, and others. If you need more strength, you can double the power by cutting two strips and place both paralleled, one beyond the other.

Fuze magnetic strip

Tenby living

The flexible magnetic strip in squares shapes for everyday light use. It sticks everywhere and easy to use.

Netanya flexible magnetic strip with adhesive backing

The package has 100 pieces, and it is easy and convenient. This is perfect for small and light craft projects, especially for school projects.

Xfasten flexible magnetic strip

This is a perfect weight holding capacity with an adhesive roll with strong magnets and holding up 5 pounds in metallic surfaces, flat in linear feet of length.

This is a heavy-duty adhesive magnetic strip and compatible with any surfaces, including concrete walls, plastic, porcelain tiles, and metallic, that make this perfect DIY equipment for the garage, kitchen, living room, and many others. It can be used for commercial and home use.

Xfasten flexible magnetic strip

Strongman tools

With the industrial-grade, this magnetic strip is perfect for handle project of DIY crafts and commercial projects. It is compatible for use indoor and outdoor with extra strength in the back and power—ideal for crafts and art projects. A lifetime guarantee is available for buying this tape.

Strongman tools magnetic strip


This sheet of a magnetic strip is derived from 70 magnetic squares with self-adhesive magnetic on the other side. It is perfect for a small project and able to weigh up to 50 grams.

Magnefic magnetic strip

Use an adhesive magnetic strip can make your hanging pieces look seamless without nails.

How to use Self-adhesive magnetic strip

Self Adhesive Magnetic Strip is made from flexible magnetic with peel and sticky adhesive in the back.  This tape becomes popular for crafter tools. Within seconds, it can turn a small object into a magnet.

Step 1. Clean the area surface that you desire to stick the magnetic strips. Clean use spray cleaning solution and paper towel to remove any dirt and stains on the surface. Dry the area when it is finished clean.

Step 2. Check if the surface is not painted and has a smooth surface. The self-adhesive Magnetic Strips are quite sticky but will work better on the surface with non-porous material. Apply the self-adhesive magnetic strips to the painted surface can lead paint to chip and peel under the weight tension between the magnet adhesive and the object itself.

Step 3. Measure the magnetic strips use a ruler, so it has exactly wide to fit into your object. Mark with chalk or marker. The other way, you also can cut the roll of strips, not a sheet. You need to pick out the point with scissors to mark.

Step 4. Cut the magnetic strip.

Step 5. Peel the back of the magnetic strip carefully and ensure the tape does not roll back into itself.

Step 6. Attach the self-adhesive magnetic strip to choose the object surface. Start carefully from one end side. Use thumb or marker as a rolling pin for pressing the magnetic strip down into the surface is smooth. Ensure that there are no air bubbles trapped into the strips, and the adhesive will completely flush with the object surface.

Step 7. Let the adhesive for 24 hours before attempting the new magnet’s stick becomes a new magnetic surface.

What you need to know about using magnetic strips

The areas of application

The magnetic strip is used on ferromagnetic surfaces. This means that the magnetic strip can use on several surfaces, such as flexible labeling of storage and shelves and drawers and metal cupboards, a surface combination of two non-magnetic objects with a self-adhesive magnetic strip, and many others.

Working temperature

The temperatures under -20 degrees Celsius and beyond 85 degrees Celsius can damage the magnetic strip structures. This also can cause the product to lose the adhesive part power.

Proximity to other magnets

The magnetic strip can lose magnetization when applies near the ferrite magnet and neodymium.


The magnetic strip and sheets can store at room temperature. Ensure it surrounding has dust-free and dry, not bend with other products.


The edges from the magnetic strip can leave black stains, especially when it comes to cutting areas.

Safety tips

When you buy the magnetic stripe, and then ensure to store it far away from children. Beware as the magnet is made from conduct electricity, then you need to watch if your children put the magnet into a power outlet because it can result in electric shock.

You also need to handle it carefully as it can cause jamming in your finger or skin. You can wear protective gloves to protect your skin. You need to read the magnetic strip’s capacity for handling objects if you want to use it to hang objects on walls and other surfaces.

You can find many magnetic strip options, starting from CB magnetic strip into CRL magnetic strip. What you need to consider is choose which is fitted with your project.

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