Solar Hot Water Heaters Advantage and Disadvantage

Solar water heating collectors keep and catch heat and transfer this heat. Solar thermal heating is trapped with the greenhouse effect, in this situation is the capability of a reflective surface to transmit short wave radiation and also reflect long term radiation.

Heating and infrared radiation (IR) are generated when short wave radiation light strikes an collector’s absorber, which is then trapped within the collector. The heat to move it is collected by fluid connected with all the absorber.

Below are some advantage and disadvantage of solar water heater :

Solar Hot Water Heaters Advantage and Disadvantage


  1. Solar hot water heaters utilize renewable power.
  2. Because solar energy heating systems are utilizing free sunlight energy, then they could provide around 50 percent of the energy necessary for your house and therefore significantly reduce the heating costs (depends upon climate requirements, water usage…)
  3. Easy to keep.
  4. Solar water heating is more productive and dependable means of heating system
  5. Government incentives for using energy
  6. Some drains do not need power to function
  7. Could be used to heat the pool
  8. Energy freedom
  9. You’re currently leading to a cleaner environment.


  1. Greater start up price than gas or electric grills.
  2. Installation price pretty expensive
  3. With temperature power usage drops.
  4. Must be supplemented it by fuel resource.
  5. Collector because of its pipe dimension is exposed to the nutrient buildup.