How to Fix Foggy Windows: Real Solutions that Work

You probably have questions about how to fix foggy windows, especially if you notice that your windows are often cloudy. If this happens, it means that you have issues with the insulation of the window. 

An insulated seal (on the window) should prevent a fogging problem, but if this isn’t the case, then you may have to replace the window. Is it even possible to fix the issue? And how can you prevent this from happening again? Read on and find out the answers. 

Causes of Foggy Windows

Most homeowners are still using the so-called insulated windows, which use two glass panels, having air between the panes. The air is designed to increase the windows’ energy efficiency feature, so the house has air (with solid temperature control) which is considered natural and eco-friendly. Most windows come with IGU (Insulated Glass Unit) within them. 

how to fix foggy windows

Fogs will be created when the seal (which surrounds the IGU) deteriorates. As time went by, the seal would start to wane. There are some common causes that are responsible for the breakage:

  • Age. After several decades, it’s quite natural (and normal) to see ‘cloudy windows’. All through its life cycle, the seal has to deal with the closing and opening actions of the window, along with enduring the (harsh) temperature. It’s no wonder if the seal begins to fail.
  • Water exposure. The seals are basically vulnerable to water buildup, especially after a heavy rainstorm or flood. 
  • Excess heat. Warm air expands. When it happens, the air within the insulated window stretches the seals. When it happens continuously from time to time, it’s no wonder if the seal is broken. When this matter is accompanied by direct sunlight exposure, the seal would definitely deteriorate. 

How to Fix Foggy Windows in House

There are some different opinions about how to fix the foggy windows issue. Some people may say that you can use the foggy window repair kit, but in reality, this solution is only temporary. If you want to have a long-lasting effect, you should contact a professional defogging service. They cost half of the entire window replacement cost, and you won’t have to worry about causing more damage to your window. 

The best way is to replace the window. You can consult the local window manufacturer about the best replacement. Some people may say that you can replace the seal or even replace only the second glass pane.

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But in reality, it’s not as easy as said. It’s actually cheaper and easier to replace the entire window than only half of it. Not to mention that the process itself is quite complicated and difficult. If you don’t have any experience in doing so, you will be left with useless and broken windows. 

Some companies claim that they can reseal the double pane windows. However, they also claim that such a thing can only be done by professional service. They should be able to drill holes within the glass, vacuum debris out, and install the micro vents to make sure that air ventilation happens. But then again, this solution is only temporary. The effect of clearer windows won’t last for good. 

It’s best that you simply consult the professional. Let them inspect the windows. If they see that they can save the windows, they will try to do their best and replace the glass. If they can’t really save the glass, they will try to replace the windows and deliver the most satisfying outcome. 

Final Words

These are the facts about repairing fogged windows. If you are in doubt, you should ask the professionals, as they can help you. In general, once you know how to fix foggy windows, you know better, and you can take the best method to deal with it. 

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