How To Check Water Heater Element

Are you curious about how to check the water heater element? Some kinds of water heaters have two heating elements while some others only have one. When a water heater cannot produce the heat well, there must be something happening on the element, whether only one or even two.

Yes, when your heater has double elements, the damage on one of them can lead to such a malfunction. Of course, the simplest thing you can do is probably going to the electronic service and then get it fixed there. However, it is actually not difficult to repair it by yourself. How is it? Here they are for you.

First of all, you must turn off the power water heater, and if it is needed, you must plug out the connector from the electrical plug. Mostly, the water heater with electric power has around 30 amperes of the pole circuit breaker.

Then, you must take a look at the panels attached, and then you can remove the screws that make them attached well. Therefore, the panels can be separated to see what happened inside.

How To Check Water Heater Element

The inside part of the panel is commonly covered by plastic safety; all you need to do is pull it. There will be other element screws that you need to remove before checking out what is actually happened to the water heater.

After making sure that all the screws are removed, other parts to be removed are the wires connected to the element face. Commonly, the electricity is already off at this point. However, when it is still on, the voltage detector will emit the light flashes.

Then, you can turn the dial presented on the multimeter. You may set it up to the Rx1k. The screws on the element face can be touched using the multimeter probes. Next, you may place the probes that remained on the screws. The process of touching the multimeter can be done several times until you can see that the needle is moved.

Well, the moving needle indicates that the water element is grounded, and you may replace it with the new one. If the needle is moved when the multimeter probe is placed on the metal base attached to the elements, it indicates that the element is in bad condition, and again, it needs to be replaced. After replacing the elements, you can put the panels back and reinstall the insulation.