How Long Does It Take To Drain A Water Heater

Are you going to drain your water heater? The step for draining your water heater can be so easy and fast.  Then, how long does it take to drain a water heater on your own? Water heater draining is important maintenance for your water heater tank.

All over time, when we use a water heater, then there are little things that come together with water accumulate in the bottom of the water heater. The tank will corrode, and this little bit of corrosion will join with the rest of the buildup deposits in the bottom of the tank. 

To drain your water heater, you will need tools such as:

  • Pan
  • Old towel
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Garden hose.
How To Drain A Water Heater

Here is the step for complete your water heater draining. The first thing that you need to do is check the T&P valve. This is Temperature and Pressure relief valve measurement.

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This due to the reason, when your T&P is going in bad, then you might need to change at in same time as you drain your water heater tank if possible. Next is a start to drain your water heater.

  1. For the gas water heater, turn the burner control knob, push down but still in control to slowly turn down. You will see the indicator on the knob front to confirm the option you choose. Remember that it is important for you to notice whether the knob is notched out. When the notch is out, the red pilot can push down this means that you are in the right way.
  2. Have an electric water heater? Turn the breaker supplying power into “off” in the panel. Prepare the hose. Turn on the hot water side from the kitchen sink to speed up the process. When the burner still off, this will rid of hot water and replace it into the tank with cool water. Hook the hose to the water heater drain valve and then route it into the drainage point.
  3. Shut off the cool water that is coming. Hopefully, you have installed a cold water line beyond the tank to do drainage without shutting off the water to the whole house. If you do not have one, locate where the main water line enters the home and shut down the cold water.
  4. Open the drainage valve on the water heater tank. The water discharge is depending on the hosing length that you run.
  5. The last step, wait. Wait for the tank to drain by itself. You can do other else until it gets finished.
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