An Easy Guide on How to Fix A Squeaky Door Without Taking It Apart

The sound of the door squeaking is certainly very annoying. Especially if there is wind, the sound of the door will be even louder, right? So, if you are asking about how to fix a squeaky door without taking it apart, this article describes easy ways for you. Check out the explanation below!

The First Way You Can Do is to Check The Door Frame Section

The first thing you can do regarding how to fix a squeaky door without taking it apart is to check the door frame for the squeaky squeak. Usually, checking the door frame is sometimes overlooked when trying to fix a cracky door.

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The hallmark of a damaged door frame is that the hinges move or the door starts to come off the frame. Check whether the door frames collide or not.

how to fix a squeaky door without taking it apart

If these things happen, balance the door so it can return to its position. Ask someone else to help you hold the door, so it stays upright as you adjust the hinges. Also, check whether there is damage to the outer edge of the door or not. If this happens, use sandpaper to repair the area.

Second, Lubricate the Squeaky Door Hinges

The next way is to lubricate the squeaky door hinges. Door hinges are made of metal, so they are prone to stiffening. This causes the sound to appear at the door. Currently, there are many best lubricants for squeaky door hinges that you can buy.

Make Door Hinges Adjustments

If we use the door often, the hinges can wear out and make the door squeak. Well, you have to disassemble the hinge. Replace the hinges and attach them securely to the door and frame. You will need to check the two screws holding the hinge together to loosen it to see if any part of the hinge has come off.

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The Next Way is to Clean The Hinges

The longer it takes, the more rust and dirt will accumulate. That is the main cause of the door creaking. To overcome this, you must clean the hinges properly. Make sure that the hinges are returned to their original condition.

Apart from rust, anything caught in the hinge can corrode the metal of the hinge. Be diligent in performing maintenance on the hinges so as not to make the door creak. Here we explain several ways to clean and care for creaky door hinges.

  • First, remove the door hinges. You can do this by removing the hinge pins. That is the main source of the creaking of the door.
  • Because the door is moved frequently, more dirt will stick to the hinges. Therefore, remove the hinge pins and clean them using a household cleaning product suitable for metal. Steel wool is a great cleaner for removing rust buildup or other corrosive materials. You can also use a good quality grease removal spray.
  • If you do a thorough cleaning, ask someone else to hold on to the door.

Finally, Do Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

You can avoid squeaky door problems by doing regular door maintenance. Yes, squeaky doors are very easy to avoid if you know how to prevent them. Indeed, problems associated with dirt adhering to the door hinges are inevitable. However, by doing maintenance, you will avoid the possibility of loose or rusty hinges.

During regular house inspections, you will often see the condition of your door. Maybe when you do the check, your door hasn’t squeaked yet. However, one day maybe your door will squeak. So, keep an eye on the door and check the hinges frequently.

You have to be diligent in tightening loose screws or hinge pins. That’s to keep the hinges in place. Then, don’t forget to apply hinge lubricating oil.

So, those were some of the ways you can do about “how to fix a squeaky door” or “how to stop a squeaky door.” How? Very easy to do, right?

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