AC Smith Water Heater

Are you looking for a water heater? When you are looking for a water heater for your house, you have to buy the right water heater. Not only that, there are some things which you should consider such as the quality, the durability, the material, and even the brand itself.

However, you may have no information about the best brands which you should choose. Fortunately, here we are going to share you Ac Smith Water Heater, a brand which has become one of the leading manufacturers in this world. In addition, you can check the best products of water heater below.

AC Smith Water Heater

The BFC Cyclone

When we talk about this BFC Cyclone, the most important thing that you have to know is the high-efficiency of this product. Besides, because its flexible character, this product can be placed anywhere you want. Equipped with the burning system which is automatic and included burner modulation, this product will provide you the optimal result.

In addition, this BFC Cyclone also features Nox emission – which less than 30 ppm, whisper quiet operation system – which is less than 45 dB(A), and a digital timer. Not only that, this product is also programmable – for the Legionella purge cycle.

The Innovo

This product can be considered as a special product. Why? Because this Innovo consists of nine condensing room which has a capacity scale from around 11 kW to 31 kW. Besides, this water heater can also store water around 160 liters to 280 liters.

The efficiency level which belongs to this Innovo, is between 90 percent and 94 percent. Moreover, this water heater also features an automatic burning system, on/off switch – which is external, flexibility, voltage-free contact – which will alert the BMS, simple maintenance, and completely insulated.


When you are going to purchase a water heater which has large capacity, this ADMR may be very suitable for you. Here, this water heater is installed with a Thermo Control which has a capability to give a simple control and a fault diagnosis.

Not only that, this ADMR also gives options from Legionella purge cycle. Besides, this water heater also features a flue damper, removable control column, optional ancillaries, the unvented kits, an automatic igniter, a frost protection thermostat, a fan kit, a control connection – external, and stainless burner.


If you seek a water heater which is suitable for your small needs, the BTI is the answer. Here, this water heater is installed with thermostats in order to provide a safe protection. This BTI features powered anode, a flue fan, time clock kit, a powered anode, an indicator light, a magnesium anode – which is replaceable, and optional ancillaries.