Washing Machine Making Loud Noise during Wash Cycle Potential Causes and Solutions

Hearing your washing machine making loud noise during wash cycle can be terrifying. It is such a clear hint that something is wrong with the appliance – maybe there’s a component that requires to be tightened or even needs replacement. While the washing machine has a complex mechanical system that may need to be handled by professionals, there are some troubleshooting works that you can perform by yourself.

Why Your Washing Machine Making Loud Noise During Wash Cycle

As with other electrical appliances, the washing machine is not immune to technical trouble, especially for the older models. Among the most common problems in this particular item is an unusual audible noise.

Several possible reasons may make you wonder why my washing machine is making a loud noise during the wash cycle. Below, three of the most common causes of various noises such as clanking, clicking, scratching, or squealing will be examined, along with the solution for each reason.

Noise While Spinning

Suppose your Whirlpool washer making loud noise during the wash cycle, such as scratching or rattling. In that case, it’s likely that a foreign material accidentally got into the machine’s drum, filter, or rubber seal. It’s a common occurrence and the most typical item to get there is a coin or button.

washing machine making loud noise during wash cycle

The solution to this problem is to clear the drum out and remove the noise source. You may also check the bottom part of the rubber seal or the lint filter. If you decide to open the lint filter, it is recommended to clean it and prevent clogging issues.

Noise When Agitating

If the noise is heard when your washing machine is agitating, then there’s a chance that the drum bearings are failing. To confirm this, try to rotate the drum when the machine is not active, and if you can still hear the washing machine making a loud buzzing noise, then the fault is on the drum bearings. See if there’s a considerable distance between the outer tub and the inner drum.

The way to resolve this problem is by doing drum bearing replacement. This requires you to lift the drum’s outer paneling and then disassemble them. It is highly recommended to consult with a professional before doing so.

Other possible causes include failure of pulley or drive pulley. The other potential reason is the machine needs motor coupling replacement.

Noise When Filling with Water

If the noise from the washing machine comes with the inability to fill water or slow pace when filling the water, it might indicate inlet valve failure. The water inlet valve’s filter screen will get dirty and congested over time. It may rust and fall apart in several spots. The piece is almost impossible to fix, so you need to do the replacement.

You can easily find a new inlet valve for the specific model of your washing machine online or in a hardware store. You may contact a service professional if you aren’t confident replacing it independently.

In conclusion, there might be several potential causes of why your washing machine makes loud noise during the wash cycle. Still, in general, it could be an indicator that a component is loose or has become worn out. Other reasons include maintenance failure or poor manufacturing.

Regardless, the odd noise should not be ignored. You can use the helpful troubleshooting and solution tips above to tackle the problem, or you may reach for the help of professional service members. The earlier you’re dealing with the issue, the lower chance for your washing machine to encounter long-term damage.

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