Water Heater Burner Wont Stay Lit

Have you ever experienced when your water heater burner won’t stay lit? Well, this is actually a common condition that is often happened on the gas water heater. There are some factors that may lead on this matter. But generally, it is due to the defective control thermostat.

What is control thermostat actually? It is a part of the gas valve assembly that has a sort of dial to adjust the temperature. Besides, another part is the probe that is functioned to monitor the temperature of water. Based on this fact, it can be seen that the supply of gas is controlled by this valve.

If it is already detected that the control is defective, it can be both repaired and replaced. However, the repairing tends to be more difficult. Besides, the damage occurred is also commonly permanent.

The most common action to do when you see that the heater won’t stay lit is by asking the electronic service to help you. However, fixing this problem can actually be done by you. It is by opening all the panels and then replace the control thermostat. The products are offered in the electronic component shops all around.

Sure, the defective control thermostat is not the only problem due to the inability of water heater to stay lit. Another problem is due to another component namely the thermocouple. The indicator of whether the thermocouple is functioned well or not is due to the small voltage generated by this component to keep the gas flowing.

On the other hand, when there is something wrong regarding the thermocouple, the signal from the proper voltage will not received. The thermocouple itself can be found in the pilot flame and this is what makes the pilot flame can be burnt out.

thermocouple water heater

So, what should we do if the thermocouple becomes the main problem why your gas water heater cannot be functioned well in general? Similar to the problem occurred in the thermostat, it is more recommended for you to replace this component even if repairing is possible.

The reason is that replacement is much easier and faster than repairing. The most difficult part in the replacement is probably placed when you need to release all the outer coverage.

You may also need some tools like the screwdriver since there will be many screws to be released. The experienced ones are recommended to fix this problems by themselves but not if you are not experienced enough.