The Right Steps on How to Remove 3M Adhesive from Wall

3M is undoubtedly one of the most well-known tapes we know. However, what exactly it is may not be ours to understand. So, what is 3M adhesive tape? It can be described as a tape with two adhesive sides, which 3M produces.

Also often named 3M VHB, the VHB specifies that the tape has a ‘Very High Bond’. How do we remove 3M adhesive from the wall if we don’t need it anymore?

How to Remove 3M Adhesive from Wall Without Damaging Paint

3M VHB tape is a tape made of various ingredients. To mention some, its main ingredients will include these soups of monomers: methyl acrylate, butyl acrylate, and methyl methacrylate.

You may ignore what it contains to adhere to this-and-that surfaces. But you must have thought about how far this adhesive can go. According to sources, the tape can mount around 400 ounces (25 lbs.) for every inch you adhere to the surface. However, another source mentioned that this tape could exceed 45 lbs.

how to remove 3m adhesive from wall

With the weight it can endure, it can be imagined how hard it is to remove the adhesive from your wall, especially knowing it can also replace a rivet.

So, how to remove 3M adhesive from the wall? It turns out it is not that difficult to do, though. You will need to prepare:

  • A dull blade can be a butter knife, a plastic spatula, or a credit card.
  • Rags
  • Nylon scrubber
  • Eyeglass cleaner with alcohol

You can also use a commercial adhesive remover. However, you need to test it first before applying it to your wall due to its ingredients. It may contradict your will to remove the tape from the wall without peeling paint.

The procedure for removing 3M tape from the wall will be as follows:

  1. Insert the dull blade between the wall and the foam.
  2. Then, you can work the blade under the foam while softly prying the foam from the wall. As much as possible, remove the foam layer, leaving the adhesive layers only on the wall.
  3. Now that you have removed the foam layers, remove the adhesive layer. To do this, use your thumb to rub the remaining adhesive.
  4. Keep rubbing the adhesive until all remaining layers are gone.
  5. If you find a stubborn adhesive, consider rubbing it with a nylon scrubber you have prepared earlier. Get help from the eyeglass cleaner as well to boost the power.
  6. Once done, you can wipe the wet wall with a clean and dry rag. This will ensure that you will wipe away the remaining residue.
  7. Let the wall to get dried naturally.

How To Remove 3M Adhesive Hooks From Wall

If you follow the right procedures, you may remove 3M adhesive hooks from a wall without causing any damage to the surface. This is a tutorial on taking off 3M sticky hooks:

Equipment required:

  1. A heat gun or hair dryer (optional)
  2. Fishing line or dental floss
  3. Rubbing alcohol, or isopropyl alcohol
  4. Paper towels or a clean rag
  5. Adhesive removers such as Goo Gone (optional)
  6. Light soap or wall cleanser (if needed)

Detailed procedure:

  1. Set up your workspace: Ensure that you have access to the required supplies and that the space surrounding the adhesive hook is clear.
  2. Heat:
    Try applying heat to weaken the glue if the hook has been affixed to the wall for an extended period of time and is particularly difficult to remove. For approximately one to two minutes, direct a low-temperature hairdryer or heat gun toward the glue. This may increase the adhesive’s pliability and facilitate its removal.
  3. Removing the glue:
    Ensure the dental floss or fishing line is slid between the adhesive and the wall beneath the hook. Work your way behind the hook with a gentle back-and-forth saw motion. The sticky strip ought to be sliced through by this.
  4. Remove the sticky layer:
    After cutting through the sticky strip, carefully and slowly remove the adhesive hook off the wall with your hands. To lessen the chance of paint damage, try to keep the adhesive strip parallel to the wall.
  5. Eliminate leftovers:
    There can be residual adhesive residue on the wall when the hook is removed. You can gently rub the residue with your fingers or a soft towel. If it is difficult to remove, try dissolving the adhesive with a little isopropyl alcohol on a clean cloth. Rub the residue gently until it disappears. Don’t scrub the wall too vigorously since this could harm the paint.
  6. Cleanup:
    Use a commercial glue remover such as Goo Gone if there is still sticky residue. Observe the directions on the product for both application and cleanup.
  7. If necessary, clean the wall:
    To ensure no more glue, clean the area with a wall cleaner or a mild soap and water solution once the adhesive has been removed.
  8. Inspect the wall: Look for any paint or surface deterioration or damage. You might need to use matching paint to touch up any obvious damage.

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So those are the procedures for removing 3M tape without damaging the wall paint. One tip you should remember is never to use an oil-based remover. Why so? The oil will enter the drywall and plaster, resulting in a stain that permanently ruins your wall paint.

Alcohol is used in this procedure to remove 3M adhesive from the wall simply because of its quick-to-evaporate feature.

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