The Difference between Sheetrock and Drywall: Are They the Same?

If you are working in a construction or renovation which taking care of a home or building, you may not know the difference between sheetrock and drywall. Some people who work in or a construction a renovation industry may think these two are the same material.

difference between sheetrock and drywall

They will tell that sheetrock is drywall and vice versa. Well, to know more about these two materials, let’s take a look more at them.

Are Sheetrock and Drywall the same?

If you are working in a construction building or a renovation company, you are probably very familiar with the name of sheetrock and drywall. Some of you are probably confused by these two names of materials and think that they are actually one material with a different name. To get to know more about them, let’s first examine the Sheetrock definition.

Drywall Installation

Drywall Installation

If you mention sheetrock, it refers to gypsum plasterboard, which is layered between heavy paper sheets. It is used to replace a plank and plaster for ceilings and walls interior. Many of you may not know that Sheetrock is actually the name of the brand.

Sheetrock is a brand for drywall products. It produces a bunch of various drywall with several different thicknesses. Moreover, Sheetrock also offers you specialty products like panels or anti-fire walls that can avert the form of moistness.

Sheetrock Installation

Sheetrock Installation

Sheetrock is a quite popular brand in the world of home or building construction or renovation that a lot of people working in this field consider and use Sheetrock as drywall interchangeably.

In other words, Sheetrock is a company or brand that mainly handles drywall but also offers people specified panels varying on their particular needs to purchase. Homeowners and contractors are also able to buy tools for drywall with the Sheetrock brand.

So if you ask are Sheetrock and drywall the same?

The answer is both of them are pretty much the same. There is basically no difference between these two terms. Sheetrock refers to a brand name of drywall, while drywall is more the general one. Some contractors prefer to purchase and use Sheetrock for their interior ceilings or walls, and some others find it beneficial to use generic drywall.

You can use either of them as the material of your construction, specifically for ceilings and walls. So it is no wonder that customers often get mixed up by those two names.

The Benefits of Sheetrock and Drywall

As Sheetrock and Drywall are the same, you can choose either to use Sheetrock or Drywall for your walls and ceilings. It is very advantageous to use them as they are relatively easy to apply.

While the lath and plaster method need the week-long process to be done, Sheetrock and Drywall only need a day or two to be done. Using drywall for your construction provides sound control and fire resistance as there is the crystallization of water in gypsum.

Generally speaking, I can say that there is no difference between Sheetrock and Drywall.

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