Possible Reasons Why Your White Rodgers Thermostat Blinking Snowflake Icon

If you’ve noticed your White Rodgers thermostat blinking snowflake icon, try not to panic first because there may be a legitimate reason behind this behaviour. This article will guide you through the reasons that may help you resolve the problem.

Why Is Your White Rodgers Thermostat Blinking Snowflake?

Have you recently noticed that there’s a blinking snowflake on the thermostat of your house? If so, your thermostat is likely entering ‘Delay Mode’, usually if the thermostat system is short-cycling. This condition may damage the device if it’s not resolved immediately.

When the cooling system begins belatedly, the snowflake icon may be displayed on the thermostat in this mode. This delay is frequently implemented to prevent short cycling of the compressor, thereby extending its lifespan.

If you see the snowflake symbol due to delay mode, it should typically go away after the delay period, and your cooling system will start as intended.

So what does the snowflake symbol on the thermostat mean? It is a condition that may be prompted by short cycling, which is when the cycle system of the thermostat goes faster than it’s supposed to.

white rodgers thermostat blinking snowflake

The air conditioner or furnace is switching on and off much quicker than it should, which may harm the system because it’s working harder.

Now, the short-cycling condition may be caused by one of several possible reasons, as listed below:

  • Replace the Batteries: In some cases, a flashing snowflake can indicate a low battery level. If your thermostat is battery-powered, consider replacing the batteries. Low batteries may cause various display issues on the thermostat, including the snowflake icon.
  • Check the Time Button: The “time” or “clock” button on your thermostat sets the time and date. Incorrect time settings can sometimes trigger the snowflake icon. Make sure that the time and date on your thermostat are accurate, and adjust them if needed.
  • The thermostat is not suitable size-wise for your space: If the HVAC professional that you’ve hired used and installed a thermostat device with a bigger capacity than your space needs, then the cooling or heating cycle may proceed too quickly for the space. While this may seem harmless, it can cause short cycling on the system.
  • The thermostat needs repairs: Short-cycling may be caused by anything that causes a power outage. Another possible issue that may cause the condition is a corroded flame sensor, breaker issue, condensate switch issue, or if there’s an item that accidentally falls into the vent.
  • Outdated maintenance: Some seemingly insignificant issues, such as dirty air filters, may cause short-cycling conditions because they restrict the airflow. You need to examine and perform standard maintenance regularly.
  • Thermostat issues: It is possible that your thermostat device doesn’t function properly or needs to be replaced. In this case, try to place the device under direct sunlight or near an appliance that can generate cold or heat to prompt it to turn on and off. If the snowflake symbol continues to blink, there may be a problem with the thermostat itself. Check for any error codes or consult the user manual for troubleshooting instructions.

Delay mode protects the thermostat system from conditions that may permanently damage it, as listed above. Notice that the device is going under short-cycling conditions. The temperature at your home may not work correctly for a while, so take a brief break to see if the issue will resolve – in approximately five minutes. If it won’t, you may need to fix the reason behind the short cycling.

The period of the delay mode may differ based on the programming and configuration of the thermostat. If you suspect a problem with the delay mode or if it continues for an abnormally long time, it would be prudent to consult the user manual for your thermostat or contact a professional technician.

Now that you understand what the White Rodgers thermostat blinking snowflake means, you may take the correct steps to make it function properly again. Do not rush and wait as instructed for the system to start as it should again.

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Also, note another flash warning that may indicate another problem on your system. If another issue appears, you may need to contact an HVAC professional soon to see if the system will need repair.

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