How to Reset a Samsung Dishwasher: Knowing the Different Methods

Why should you know about how to reset a Samsung dishwasher? The knowledge can help you have a better understanding of your device. Not to mention that you can be prepared to deal with it when there is an issue.

When you understand your device, you know how to deal with possible issues or obstacles effectively. What are the common causes of dishwasher issues? How do we deal with them?

What Is the Most Common Problem with Samsung Dishwashers?

Samsung dishwashers are known for their tough construction and solid quality. However, it’s quite common that it has some problems. Some of the most common issues are:

how to reset a samsung dishwasher

  • The dishwasher doesn’t clean dishes. This is caused by dirty filter assembly or clogged spray arms. You have the option to have a DIY work or to hire a pro. There are many sources (such as YouTube videos) to learn about cleaning the filter or the spray arms. But you should contact a pro if you know nothing about the device.
  • Leaky dishwasher. The main culprit is highly likely the drain hose, the door seal, or the detective (water) inlet valve. These parts will be loose over time. You may likely need to replace those components.
  • The dishwasher doesn’t drain. It’s possible that the drain hose is blocked, the flapper (of the check valve) needs replacing, or the pump is defective. It’s also possible that the filter assembly is full of food particles, leading to blockage.
  • The device won’t start. When your washer won’t start and you start seeing Samsung dishwasher error codes, you may need to reset the device. If the device won’t start, it’s possible because of a defective control board, a faulty door latch, or a tripped circuit breaker. But if error codes start to appear on your device, then it means that you need to have it checked. If the technician can reset a Samsung dishwasher, there is no issue with the dishwasher, you can always reset it. But if there is a problem, you may need to deal with a repair or a replacement.

You can find the ways or solutions to Samsung dishwasher troubleshooting in your manual. Every dishwasher comes with a user manual. The best way to know your device is through reading the manual.

How to Reset a Samsung Dishwasher

There are two different methods to reset the dishwasher issue. The first one is to cut the power and the second one is to use the reset system, which is a built-in method.

If you want to cut the power to the freestanding dishwashers, you need to:

  • Turn the dishwasher off
  • Unplug the cord
  • Wait for 10 minutes. Some people may leave it unplugged overnight, and that’s fine.
  • Plug the cord again. Start the device and perform a test cycle.

If you want to cut the power to the hardwired dishwashers, you need to:

  • Turn the device off
  • Go to the breaker panel
  • Turn the circuit (leading to the dishwasher) off
  • Wait for 10 minutes
  • Turn the circuit on again
  • Start the device and perform a test cycle

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If you are using the built-in resetting system, you can do these:

  • Turn the dishwasher on
  • Press the Start/Reset button and hold it for 5 seconds or until you see the light on the control board is turned on.
  • Wait for around 30 minutes (60 minutes, max), so your device can complete the resetting program
  • When it turns off, you must switch it on again and perform a test cycle.

Final Words

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to better grasp your Samsung dishwasher. Once you know how to reset a Samsung dishwasher, the rest is easy.

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