How to Plumb a Double Sink: Things You Need to Know

You probably don’t see the importance of learning how to plumb a double sink since you will let your contractors do the heavy lifting. But if you want to have your DIY project, it doesn’t hurt to learn how to do the plumbing. 

Not only can the knowledge be useful for you, but you can also find out how to check or why the sink stops working. This knowledge can be handy for homeowners, especially if you care so much about your home improvement work and function. 

The Specialty of Double Sink

Who doesn’t like a double sink? Almost all sane homeowners would love having a double sink. One side can be used for washing the dishes, while another is for food preparation. The installation is quite easy too. However, such an arrangement requires extra space. You must ensure you have enough room to install the double sink model. 

Not to mention that you will have to think about the plumbing. Despite the only single faucet layout, there are two (drain) assemblies that you need to install. The problem doesn’t stop there as it gets complicated if you have a dishwasher with a double sink drain lining. 

how to plumb a double sink

Double Sink to One Drain Installation

You must add an extra drain assembly when you have a double sink type. Managing a double sink plumbing is far more complicated than managing a single (sink) plumbing, even though both have a single drain. 

As mentioned before, you need to add an extra assembly right on the bottom area of each sink before they can ‘tee’ or merge and then go down one drain. If you don’t do everything right, you will have more than one issue. 

Double sink means double trouble too. Be super careful so you won’t create clogging or restrictions. If you are careless, there are big chances you will have to deal with many spots that possibly leak – and they are twice as many.

How to Plumb a Double Sink?

Remember that you need to have plumbing knowledge to learn plumbing a double sink. It would be even better if you had the experience. If you don’t have any of these and are clueless about the entire arrangement, go to a professional installer. They should be able to help you. 

The general steps for the work:

  • You need to install the sink strainer
  • Place the sink in the appropriate spot
  • Measure the height of the drain outlet
  • Connect the drain tailpieces
  • Add up the sanitary tee
  • Install the drain trap
  • Mount your faucet
  • Connect the cold and hot water lines
  • Check for any leaks

If you want to know the detailed steps and how-to, you should check Youtube. There are tons of helpful videos that can help you with this project. 

How to Plumb a Double Sink with Dishwasher

You should know that dishwashers don’t necessarily need a lot of water. The real water usage is less than you think. This is why they don’t need excessively big drain lines. Their lines are generally as big as ¾ inches, and that’s about it.

Most plumbers would only use a tee fitting cut into one of the two drain lines (belonging to the double sink), so the dishwashers can empty the wastewater. 

But you need to be careful about the garbage disposal. In most cases, manufacturers would include a connecting line making it simple and use it to hook your dishwasher drain into the garbage disposal. 

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In the end, it may take extra effort to perform the installation, but once you know how to plumb a double sink correctly, you won’t stop. 

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