How to Fix Unbalanced Washer: Troubleshooting the Problem

What is this buzzy, sometimes bum-bum as in thumping, coming from the washer? If just now you heard voices like that, calm down – it is not like your washer being possessed by some evil spirits. It may come from unbalanced weight inside the drum, which may be caused by several factors making the drum to be tilted.

No, don’t call a pro yet, as you can still fix it yourself by applying this how-to-fix unbalanced washer tricks below.

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How to Fix Unbalanced Washer with Three Options of Troubleshooting

It is not the only diet that may come unbalanced. Your washer may experience it too. This will be triggered mostly if you put the washing machine on a titled level, unstable flooring, too much load, some disturbing ‘foreign bodies’, or simply because of the washer’s gear dysfunction.

How to Fix Unbalanced Washer

Let’s talk deeper about how to fix an unbalanced washer by troubleshooting the problem.

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  1. Too much load on one side

If you tend to wash your clothes in a big bulk using a top load washer, then be careful while putting your clothes to avoid putting it weighing more on one side. Most washers tend to be capable of distributing loads within the drum.

Yet, if your washer is weary already or has operated intensively for a long time, it is best to control how you put your clothes while washing. This is to avoid an unbalanced load washing machine.

  1. Is the machine placed on such tilt?

If making the drum load even on all sides still fails to dismiss the buzz, check for the machine body whether it is tilted or not. Your washing machine should be perfectly level since tilting the machine will cause the drum to become unbalanced – given that the load will shift to the slope direction. Hence, washing machine drum off track may happen.

Use a spirit level to check whether this surface fix needs to make the level perfectly balanced. If it is tilted, you can adjust the feet with a wrench and a crowbar.

  1. Unstable floor

It turns out that an unstable floor will cause the vibrations to become more severe. Hence, you should try to dismiss anything that may cause more vibration and strengthen the subfloor itself. For example, you may put on a piece of thick plywood beneath the machine, such as 1-inch thick (or more) plywood.

Another recommended thing is to dig for something wrong inside. You should consider skipping it if you have no experience regarding opening the washer for this troubleshooting step. Get a professional to dig deeper and locate what’s wrong with your machine.

If you decide to do it yourself, it’s time to befriend the owner’s manual book. Find out the way to remove the panel of the machine so that you can check for:

  • Any unremoved shipping bolts
  • Any damaged washing machine components, such as the suspension springs, shock absorbers, snubber ring, or the driver bearings.

The last option of this how-to-fix unbalanced washer trick may be difficult for you, as it is also difficult for many others. You can stop until option #3. If the problem persists, consider calling a professional to get some help.

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