Blinking Light On Furnaces

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The user manual book of the Trane furnace does not give what the blinking light means clearly. The small light in the bottom of the gas furnace is called blinking light. However, you can know about the codes based on the scheme wired.

Sometimes, blinking red light on furnace will work if there is bad condition in furnace. It has a function to give a sign to you to help you what happen with your furnace. All the furnaces completed with LED light. 

Furnace Light Blinking 3 Times

Three red flashing indicates pressure switch opened. It is normal for the furnace, you do not need to spend your money and call the operation system. Check the vent pipe or switch hose.

You can also try to unplug the trip the breaker for five minutes and reset or check the hose going to drain. Here, be sure that there are no obstructions. 

Furnace Light Blinking 3 Times
Furnace Light Blinking 3 Times

If you try to find the hose, you will face the container plastic which two screws and there is external hose in the bottom and three hoses in the top. Make sure four hoses are not something make the obstructions.

Clean a pipe cleaner in four holes. Usually, you will find buildup that make blockage in container plastic. The last step you reinstall the furnace. 

Another way to deal with three red blinks reset your furnace and cleans the snow of the vent. You have to find a vacuum from the small inducer. When you draw line of vacuum, it will be okay. Generally, the pressure of switch is seldom too defective. 

Carrier Furnace Light Codes

Actually, if you are looking for carrier furnace, you will get in different sizes and format use. But the most important, several furnaces have a guarantee limited, system of combustion, silence operation and display panel electronic. 

Carrier Furnace Light Codes
Carrier Furnace Light Codes

The furnace should be working well in several conditions. Thus, you have to maintenance the furnaces. If something bad happened, it will make an error codes appearing and there is a blinking red light on furnace. But, do not worry there are step to solve this problem:

Make sure to check a gas if number of 22 on screen. Cove a valve used a clothes clean. But if there is a gas smell, a leak, please turn off the furnace and go away from your house. Next, contact the gas company as next act.

Then if the furnace appears code 23 or 33 on the control panel. Turn off and unplug the furnace and examine the tube pressure.  The third step is checking the furnace to be sure there is not dirt. The most important thing to do is calling the carriers. You need them to solve your problem about furnace. 

Lennox Furnace Light Codes

There is Lennox furnace model that has internal control with LED. There are two LED light to solve code in flash pattern. The first problem perhaps happens are when both of the LED light off it means there is a problem. When LED number one is steady but LED number 2 flashing slow, it means problem related to switch. On the other hand, it means the main power of polarity reversed. 

Lennox Furnace Light Codes
Lennox Furnace Light Codes

If LED number 1 and number 2 make a flashing slow, there might be three problems the first is the furnace not connected with ground properly, the second one is the voltage under 75 volts and the last is the connector is not attached to the board. 

If you face any problem like LED code if the Lennox is not heating or cooling. The fast flashing change in both of LED, means ignitor has failed or the circuit opened.

The ignitor of meter is properly between 10.9 ohms and 19.7 ohms. If you also get air blower and furnace are not responding to heat and cool. If LED number 2 on but LED number 1 flashing but slowly, it is about the wired does not connected or open condition. 

The last is when LED number 1 off but LED number 2 has a flashing too slow, the furnace is not connected and the wired is wrong. But several cases, the code means the air blowers are not well working or dead. 

If the furnace is good working, the LED light will show the low code, but if they are LED number 1 has flashing too slow whereas LED number 2 will be fast. Check the flame rod, maybe it is dirty or has a wrong place in the burner. 

American Standard Furnace Blinking Red Light

If you have an American standard furnace, it is blinking red light. It is not something new because the entire furnace in normal working. When the furnace blinks in four blinking and pause and three blinks and pause again. It is steady not an error code.

Perhaps, for another standard the blinking red light on furnace is dangerous or bad things but sometimes it is not as well as the American standard furnace.