Why Is Your Toilet Leaking When Flushed Only?

Having an issue with the toilet might give you headaches and tires at the same time. Especially when you realize that your toilet is leaking when flushed only. It is the most common plumbing issue that an owner should deal with.

However, you can solve the leaking problem by do-it-yourself effort after examining the main problem of why the toilet leaks.

What Is The Cause of a Toilet Leaking Only When It Is Flushed?

You might be able to fix the leaking toilet after thoroughly examining the parts of the toilet. Every part of the toilet that you need to check includes the tank, the bowl, and the water supply valve.

If you find the leak comes out between the tank and the bowl when it is flushed, then the problem comes from the worn-out bowl basket or the loose tank bolts. Usually, the problem will be delicate after tightening the bolts and the nuts.

toilet leaking when flushed only

However, the leaking toilet from the base indicates the unsealed wax ring of the toilet. This problem suggests a leaking toilet from the basement or the floor.

Mainly it is caused by a toilet flange that brakes or the toilet bolts that lose so that the toilet becomes wobbling.

How to Stop Toilet from Leaking At Base

The most common problem of toilet leaking when flushed only comes from the untightened wax ring of the toilet. You can find the problem faster when you indicate a leak from the upstairs toilet while it is flushed by the existence of water from the ceiling or the basement. Prepare a wax ring or rubber gasket and follow the steps below to fix this problem. Let’s get into it!

  1. Cut Off Water to The Toilet

Firstly, find the shut-off valve located at the rear wall on the left-hand side. Then, turn the valve clockwise by pulling the valve outwards to turn off the water directed to the toilet tank.

  1. Drain The Tank of The Toilet

Secondly, flush the toilet and remove the tank lid. Put it away in a safe place due to the easiness crack. After that, search the supply water line that connects to the shut-off valve and disconnect it. Then, eliminate the old wax ring.

  1. Install The New Wax Ring or Rubber Gasket

Before installing the new wax ring, you need to dry it under the sun and dip it in warm water for a minute. This trick might help you to make the new wax ring slide easily. Then, slide the wax into the outlet in a gentle way. However, if you want to use a rubber gasket, then install it on the top of the flange that goes through the bolts of the toilet.

  1. Install The Toilet

After installing the new wax ring or rubber gasket, you need to install the toilet on the flange. Do not forget to tighten the bolts to keep the level of the toilet. However, make sure the tight is enough not to crack the bowl.

  1. Reconnect The Water Supply of The Toilet

Lastly, you need to reconnect the water supply line to the toilet’s tank. Open the valve and try to flush the tank. Ensure that the leak is solved perfectly and put the tank lid back.

To Conclude

Several problems can cause toilet leaking when flushed only. The most common problem is because the wax ring is broken and needs to be replaced with a new one. The steps above can guide you to fix the problem by yourself. Make sure to do it correctly so that the leak will be solved.

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