Water Heater Strap Kit

water heater strap installation

Securing Water Heater

Nowadays, it seems like every household will be completed with the technology support including the water heater. Water heater will be great support for modern household because it will ease people for getting hot water. There are various conditions which make people have to use the hot water instead of the cold one.

It must be so much better if the hot water can be accessed easier and faster using the support from water heater. People have to choose and install the water heater properly.

However, they must not forget to secure it as well such as by using water heater strap kit. There are some great benefits which can be found from using the strap kit for securing water heater after all.

Water Source Protection

We can make sure that people should pay attention to the house especially if it is located at the disaster area. They have to make sure that everything especially which is connected to the electricity or gas source secured enough.

Of course people must not forget about the water heater because it can be connected to the gas connection or the electricity.

Water Heater Strap Kit

In this circumstance, they have to use the strap kit for water heater properly since the water heater can fall off very easily because of the disaster such as earthquake.

The water heater can holds water source but it should be kept upright. It will be useful source of fresh water after disaster. That is why it is crucial for protecting the water resource by securing it to the wall using the strap kit.

Strapping Recommendation

People can say that that their water heater tank is strapped but they have to make sure that it is strapped correctly. They should forget about the old method of water heater strapping. There will be change which should be done associated to the water heater strapping.

It is important for making sure that the tank is secured at the top and the bottom. If people use the plumber’s tape for strapping the water heater tank, they should replace it with the heavy gauge metal strapping. People have to make sure that there is only very little space which can be found between the water heater and the wall after strapping.

For ensuring the security, the heave gauge metal strapping should be wrapped 1½ times around the water heater tank. The strapping should be secured to the wood block or wall studs using screws and oversized washers.