Thermo King Code 63 Causes and Repair

Thermo King is one of the companies engaged in the engine temperature system. The products offered usually cover the temperature system to control the temperature in the transportation machine. The engines usually offered are in engines for trucks and trailers. Some are used on ships and in railroad engines.

Thermo King Temperature System

One of the systems developed by Thermal King is the alarm code, which functions as a monitor for running activities inside the temperature control engine. These alarms have a specific code and purpose, which usually indicates problems or damage to the machine.

Thermo King Alarm Code 63

Each vehicle with Thermo King has a different ideal engine working temperature, but the average ideal engine working temperature is in the range of 80-90 degrees.

Remember that engines that are too cold or below the ideal working temperature do not make you proud and brag to fellow car users because vehicle engines that are too cold will only cause detonation, excessive pollution, and wasteful of fuel.

The instrument panel display of the manufacturer’s cars is now more concise and colorful. This is because several analog needles are replaced with digital models or icons that are easy to understand.

Thermo King Alarm Code 63

For example, the engine temperature indicator was an analog needle equipped with the letters C (Cold) and H (Hot), replaced with a red thermometer icon.

Instead of being absent or deliberately removed from the manufacturer, this temperature icon is deliberately not lit to make the instrument panel display simple. Almost all cars are now digital because they are simple, cheap, and fast. If the analog model, the coil, is still an old-fashioned system, it needs more space.

Thermo King Code 63 Causes

Have you ever experienced an engine overheating? Of course, this is very disruptive to the trip. If you have ever experienced it, it can be ascertained the source of the problem is in the vehicle engine cooling system. Do not ignore it because it will cause more serious damage to the vehicle engine components and the increasing cost of repairs.

The machine uses heat as a source of energy. But the expected heat is the ideal heat. Therefore, a regulatory system can keep the vehicle engine working at the optimal temperature or the ideal temperature.

If the engine is in a condition above the ideal number, then the heat needs to be discharged into the air, but if the engine cools, it needs to be raised again to return to work at its optimal temperature.

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Thermo King Code 63 Repair

Then how do I know the engine temperature starts to rise? And what anticipation can be done?

There are some indications that the engine temperature is starting to heat up. Normally the engine temperature is 86-91 degrees. Still, if it’s more than 91, the temperature indicator will blink, but if allowed to stand, it will turn on continuously, meaning it has been overheating once.

On Thermo King, the error code shown will be red. This indicates that the system in the vehicle can no longer be used and must be turned off.

To repair Thermo King error code 63, which is related to engine temperature control, it’s essential to follow a systematic troubleshooting process. Follow these steps :

  1. Check High-Pressure Cut: Begin by checking the high-pressure cut-off settings. Ensure that the high-pressure cut-off values are within the recommended range. If they are set too low, it can trigger Code 63.
  2. Engine Vapor Motor CR Failed to Start: If the engine vapor motor fails to start, inspect its electrical connections and the motor itself. Ensure there are no loose wires or damaged components. Address any issues found.
  3. Check Suction Line Sol Circuit: Verify the condition of the suction line solenoid circuit. Inspect the solenoid and its wiring for faults and ensure it functions correctly. Replace or repair components as needed.
  4. Failed Remote Return Air Sensor: If the remote return air sensor has failed, replace it with a new, functioning sensor. Make sure the replacement sensor is compatible with the Thermo King system.
  5. Check Liquid Line Solenoid: Examine the liquid line solenoid and its associated circuit. Confirm that it is operational and free from defects. Repair or replace any damaged parts.
  6. Receiver Tank Press Sol: Check the pressure switch of the receiver tank. Ensure it is functioning correctly and that it maintains the desired pressure. Address any issues with the pressure switch or related components.
  7. Check High Discharge Pressure: Inspect the high discharge pressure within the system. If it exceeds safe levels, it can trigger Code 63. Identify the cause of the high discharge pressure, which may involve issues with components like the compressor or condenser, and address them accordingly.
  8. Coil Inlet Temp Sensor: Verify the condition of the coil inlet temperature sensor. Ensure it is correctly connected and functioning. Replace the sensor if it is faulty.
  9. Check Evap Coil Outlet: Examine the condition of the evaporator coil outlet. Ensure it is not clogged or obstructed, which can impact temperature control. Clear any blockages if present.
  10. Check Receiver Tank Press: Recheck the receiver tank pressure to ensure it remains within the specified range. If it fluctuates or deviates significantly, investigate and address the root cause.
  11. Check Evaporator Coil Sensor: Confirm the condition of the evaporator coil sensor. Ensure it is properly connected and functioning. Replace the sensor if it is defective.
  12. Check Evap Coil Inlet: Inspect the evaporator coil inlet for any obstructions or issues. Clean or repair as necessary.
  13. Evap Coil Inlet Temp: Monitor the evaporator coil inlet temperature to ensure it falls within the desired range. If it is too high or too low, address the underlying problem affecting the temperature control.
  14. Check Remote Fan Speed: Verify the operation of the remote fan speed control system. Make sure the fans are functioning correctly and that the speed control system is operational.
  15. Multiple Alarms Cannot Run: If multiple alarms are occurring simultaneously, investigate the root causes for each alarm individually and address them according to the specific issues identified.
  16. Controlling on Evap Coil Outlet Temp Sensor: Ensure that the control system is properly calibrated based on the readings from the evaporator coil outlet temperature sensor. Adjust the control settings as needed to maintain the desired temperature.

These steps should help diagnose and repair Thermo King error Code 63 effectively, addressing various potential causes of temperature control issues in the engine system.

After these steps have been taken, you can go directly to the nearest workshop to do a thorough check. As a small note, if you have experienced this condition, you should immediately check into the garage, afraid of damage or leakage.

Thermo King Alarm Code Download

If you need another Thermo King alarm code, download it at this link Thermo king alarm code pdf.

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