The Type and Price of Precast Concrete Steps

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You may build precast concrete steps to make your house or office looks attracting than before. This application makes the building looks higher than the actual height. Let’s learn a little bit about precast concrete steps including what you have to know and the precast concrete steps prices.

Things To Do to Create Precast Concrete Stairs

There are several things you have to do to build or replace the precast concrete stairs. First, you have to measure the high from the ground to the porch top.

This measurement is used to determine the number of steps you need to create perfect precast concrete stairs. Second, after measuring the width and the heights, you have to prepare the base.

Precast Concrete Stairs

The base has to be hard packed. Third, when the second step is done, you can just place the step on the pad which you have prepared before. Just make sure that you set the step firmly on the pad.

The Types of Precast Concrete Steps

Before doing the steps above, it is an important thing to know the precast concrete steps prices. The price is determined based on the width and the height. There are at least 9 different types of precast concrete steps available in the market. In the case of the width, you can choose from 3 ft wide to 6 ft wide precast concrete steps.

You also need to consider the height of the precast concrete steps in which you can choose from 6 inches height to 7 inches height precast concrete steps, for better result will be easy if using concrete steps cost calculator, there are many websites can do that.

The Price of Precast Concrete Steps

So, how much precast concrete steps prices? Let say, you want to use a 3ft wide and 6 inches height precast concrete steps. In this case, you need to spend approximately $49.00. It is the same price if you need to use higher precast concrete steps such as 3 ft wide and 7 inches height and 3 ft wide and 8 inches height.

Precast Concrete Steps Price

There is also a 3.5 ft wide and 7 inches height precast concrete steps in which you have to pay $53.00 to bring it home. You may use the more expensive precast concrete steps prices such as if you take the 4ft wide and 7 inches height, 5 ft wide and 7 inches height, and also 6 ft wide and 7 inches height. You have to spend around $63.00, $75.00, and $95.00 for each of precast concrete steps.

The precast concrete stairs price is also differentiate based on the step set you want to use. Commonly, you can find 2 to 5 step set precast concrete stairs. Let say, if you want to use the 2 step set, you need to prepare $18.00. The higher the step set level you want to use, the price will be more expensive. At least, you need to prepare around $23.00 to $63.00 if you want to use 3 step set, 4 step set, and 5 step set.

When you know the precast concrete steps prices, you can calculate the money you need to spend to build a perfect and stylish precast concrete stairs. You can also choose the best product based on your budget so you can complete the project as soon as possible. But remember the very cheap concrete steps maybe not accordance as your wishes.

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