How to Read and Detect Badger Water Meter Problems in Easy Way

Having to check your water bill each month is not exactly pleasing, but at least you can estimate the figure roughly. The problem comes when the monthly statement shows that the price is suddenly skyrocketing.

Has your family’s water consumption habit turned for the worse, or can it be caused by a broken water meter? The second option is entirely possible, so see if you’re able to detect the Badger water meter problems by this article.

badger water meter problems

How to Read a Badger Water Meter

A water meter is a tool that measures and informs you about the used water volume. It can be built with gallons unit or cubic feet. If your device falls into the latter category, read below how to read a cubic feet Badger water meter:

  1. Look at the water meter’s register

The water meter displays six-digit number series on the register. It is effortless to read the register; you have to look at the number. For instance, if the number shown is 115643, your property has used 111,564 cubic water feet.

That being said, most properties are likely to yet to reach hundreds of thousands of cubic feet of water – so you may only need to concentrate on the few last numbers to check the water consumption rate.

  1. Look at the water meter’s dial for a more accurate result

You may notice that there’s a red dial inside your water meter, which moves from one number to another. The red dial will do a complete rotation if the water consumption has reached a cubic foot. The number shown by the red dial is what follows the number shown by the register.

So, for instance, if the red dial on your water meter displays 36, then add 0.36 to 111,564, and now you have a total water consumption of 111,564.35 cubic feet.

Badger Water Meter Problems

The simplest and most practical way to detect any Badger water meter problems in your house is by turning off the water. Don’t turn off the main water supply, though, because the problem may lie in plumbing being leaked.

To check if there’s any leak, ensure that all sinks are turned off, toilets aren’t flushed, and the showers are not used for extending the amount of time. If the water meter remains to display flowing status even though there’s no running water, it can be confirmed that there’s a leak somewhere.

However, you may find out further that there’s no leak and no water is currently flowing, so why does the water meter still signal it? At this point, it can be safely said that there’s a faulty in how the device works.

Try to use multi-gallon receptacle measurement and compare it with your water measurement. If the result doesn’t add up, then your water meter might require to be replaced soon.

Badger Water Meter Parts

Several internal components make it move inside the water meter devices and measure the property’s water consumption. As it does with all types of device parts, these components may wear out as time goes by.

Repeatedly abrupt changes in pressure might cause it. Still, it may also be caused simply because of the device’s age, which makes it defective as it needs to be replaced regularly about once every fifteen to twenty years.

Regarding the repair cost of Badger water meter problems, it may be affected by plenty of factors. Typically, it is done simultaneously on a larger scale, such as replacing the entire city’s water meter, so the labor cost and material cost can be lowered down significantly.

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