How To Light A Water Heater With Electronic Pilot

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So you just moved into a beautiful house in a quaint suburban, you fell in love at the first sight – you love the new community, the green environment, how quiet and peaceful it is there, every single thing about it.

Until the moment you had to use the bathroom and you realized that this beautiful vintage house comes with older-style water heater that should be lit in order for it to work.

This does not seem like a big problem to a few of us, but to those who have zero understanding on how these older style water heaters work – this is not just a big problem, but a disaster.

Not having the know-how on the proper way to light up this type of water heater can be disastrous but it should not be! Not when you can easily do it with a clear and detailed instruction, and yes, that is exactly what we are going to help you with.

How to Properly Light Water Heater with Electronic Pilot

One thing you must keep in mind is to not be intimidated. We know some of you may have some reservations about giving our how to light a water heater with electronic pilot instruction a try because it seems dangerous – but you may rest assured that this task is not as dangerous or difficult as you think.

Light A Water Heater With Electronic Pilot

This is not to say that you can do this task mindlessly, however. It may not be dangerous, but safety must always come first. With that being said, never attempt to light up your pilot if/when you smell gas. Always kneel down next to the bottom of your water-heating unit and only proceed when you do not smell gas.

The first thing to do is set the water heater’s temperature control to its lowest available setting. Then move to your pilot’s setting, set it using the on/off control, press and hold down the pilot’s button which indicates the hot water setting.

As you look through its sight glass, press its spark generator slowly and once you heard a click you would automatically see a spark coming from it – during this, you would also notice that your pilot would light up. Be sure to keep holding down the button of your pilot for another 30-seconds after you saw the initial spark, this part is crucial as the thermocouple of your heater needs some time to get properly hot.

If this doesn’t work, your line may have air and you must press the heater’s generator button every 10-seconds all while you hold down the pilot button until it’s lit up.