How to Hang a Ceiling Fan without a Stud on Light Fixture Spot

Ceiling fans are home appliances that regain popularity lately because of their ability to save energy compared to an air conditioner. On warmer days, they create cooling airflow, while on colder days, it helps to maintain comfortably warm room temperature by circulating heated air.

It’s quite easy to install one on your own, but the steps will not be as simple if you don’t have attic space above. Here’s a guide on how to hang a ceiling fan without a stud that can show you the way.

How to Hang a Ceiling Fan without a Stud

How to Hang a Ceiling Fan without a Stud

The benefit of not having a stud when you’re about to install a ceiling fan is that you don’t need to set another wiring. The device can be connected to the old light’s cable. The installation is not as simple as hanging the fan on the prior electrical box because it doesn’t have enough strength to support its extra weight and vibration.

Assuming that it’s the first time you set the fan on your ceiling, you’ll require a box and hanger bar to mount the ceiling fan directly to the joist or set a skinny box to the joist.

Read the step-by-step guide below that will explain to you how to set ceiling fan without attic space:

  1. First of all, switch off the circuit breaker in the main electrical panel.
  1. Remove the prior light fixture and detach the wires, then replace them with wire nuts within the electrical box. Put aside the light fixture.
  1. Get your hand inside the ceiling’s hole and find the joists on top of the drywall. Put a mark on every side of the hole to signify the ceiling joists’ direction.
  1. Detach the electrical box from its bracket, then extend the bracket to squeeze towards the joists.
  1. Install the bracket through the ceiling’s hole. Tighten the bracket towards the joists by following directions from the manufacturer.
  1. Put the electrical box that’s new in the hole and then use screws to tighten the mount.
  1. The ceiling fan is now ready to be hung. Follow the specific guidelines from the manual book for your fan’s model.
  1. Set the electrical box’s white wire to the ceiling fan’s white wires, and then set the black wires similarly.
  1. Turn on the fan’s circuit breaker in the main electrical panel on your house. Check if the fan and the lights are both working as they are supposed to. Then if they operate as they should, your work is done.

A ceiling fan is a device that can increase the comfort of your house dramatically – not to mention it can be conveniently attached to a light fixture as one.

The guide on how to hang a ceiling fan without a stud can also be used even if there’s no existing fan or lighting fixture in the spot before. As the last reminder, always work safely, and remember to ask for help or advice from professionals if you encounter any problems.

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