How to Fill Large Holes in Wood Using Epoxy

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Filling hole is a very common part in any woodworking project. The hole might form since the wood material is existed or established from accidents. To make a repair on the wood, you need to fill the hole on it. Understanding the proper steps on how to fill large holes in wood is the key.

Below, you can read how to do it by using epoxy for wood furniture and wood floor. It also tells you about the way to get rid of hinges easily and put your hardware pieces into a whole again.

Easy Method on How to Fill Large Holes in Wood

Epoxy is an ideal material to repair any wood pieces permanently, such as door jambs or window sills. Filling large holes in wood with epoxy is easier and more affordable to do than other methods.

Fill Large Holes in Wood Using Epoxy

You just need to mix the substance like you would with cookie dough, mold it in the way similar to clay, then carve and sand the material when it starts to harden.

Epoxy can stick strongly. It also very flexible and can budge with the wood, so you don’t have to worry that it will fall out or crack.

Here’s the guide on how to fill large holes in wood furniture:

  1. There are two parts inside the epoxy set, which you need to mix together for minimum two minutes by using wooden stick. Mix the materials and add the smooth sawdust that has similar consistency as talcum powder. The sawdust must ne added until the epoxy forms thick paste. Your product will be easier to sand when it dries if it contains enough sawdust.
  1. Using a putty knife from plastic, start to apply the mixture of epoxy into the holes. Push and scrape its excess from your wooden surface.
  1. The next step on how to fill large holes in wood is to let the mixture sit for the amount of time that’s recommended by manufacturer.
  1. Using 80-grit sandpaper, start to sand the surface once it dries out to smooth out the result. Then use 120-grit sandpaper, and sand the surrounding wood to blend the repaired holes.

The steps on how to fill large holes in wood floor are pretty much similar with the wood furniture. Epoxy is really great to repair cracks between the floors. It also won’t give stain, even if it’s a common quality to find in various wood filler, as long as you choose a matching epoxy color with your finished wood floor.

To get the color matches perfectly with your existing wood, you can purchase clear epoxy from the hardware store in your local area. Clear epoxy gives glossy finishing so if you don’t want it to looks shiny, cover with floor finishing in a single layer.

Repairing and giving a new look to an old furniture is nice and fun. However, it can be challenging once you have to deal with severely damage wood or huge areas.

The easy tutorial of how to fill large holes in wood using epoxy above might be able to help you done this project in simpler and faster way.

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