How to Cut Durock: 3 Simplest Ways

Have you ever heard about Durock, and you know how to cut Durock? For those who have never known about Durock before, you might need to keep on reading to know this useful product.

Durock is a cement board brand that has mostly been used by architects, contractors, and builders nowadays. It has a good quality with its features that people would find it amazing.

The features of the Durock cement board are its water durability, strength, and also mold resistance. This Durock cement board is suitable to be placed in the floors, countertops, walls, tubs, and shower areas. When you seek the perfect choice for both your flooring bathroom and also a kitchen, Durock can be the best solution for you to pick.

How to Cut Durock

Strategies in Cutting the Durock Cement Board

In cutting the Durock, there are three simple strategies that you can use to get the right cut of the cement board. Here are the right ways on how to cut Durock cement board.

Score and then snap the thinner sheets

First of all, you need to score the sheets, and then you need to snap it based on the line you have set and drawn. It is quite easy to process it. You can place the cement board in a flat place where you can easily draw a line. You can measure how big the cement board would be by using a carpenter’s pencil.

Prepare a straightedge tool that can help you in making the cuts look deeper. It could be the utility knife or even a scoring tool. You can repeat this step to make the snapping process gets easier. When you have finished making the snapping pattern, you can press the cement board and then snap the other part of the board by using the utility knife.

Cut the straight lines

How to Cut Durock Cut the straight lines

If you prefer having a smooth and also efficient output, you can use the power tool. It could be the circular saw that can cut would end up clean and also convenient. In fact, when you want to use the circular saw, you have to make sure that you will use the circular saw with fewer teeth. It is aimed to reduce the amount of dust that is going to happen.

Punch the circles out

For the people who enjoy doing the Do-It-Yourself things, there are a few things that you have to deal with. It involves the usage of the drill, masonry bits, and also jigsaw blades for cement board. It produces rounded cuts in a larger size when you want to expand the size of the cement board you have.

For your information, you need to draw the line that you will cut since it will be the basic pattern you have on your cement board. It can be a challenging process for some people on how to cut Durock cement board.

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