The Differences of Chop Saw vs Miter Saw

Chop saw vs miter saw look very much alike. Some people often get confuse about those two and think that they are the same. It is because they have many similarities. And yet, these two also have major differences, one of them is good for this and one of them is better to be used to do that.

That is why before you enter a shop and decide to buy one, it is important to make the right decision in picking the right tool for cutting your metals and woods. By knowing their characteristic differences can save you time and money, and distance yourself from danger.

Chop Saw vs Miter Saw Overview

Chop saw is more common in to be used in commercial or industrial shops and very helpful in cutting a large volumes of heavy material or metal. Most of chop saws come with standard abrasive blade to cut metal. This type of blade produces lots of sparks when cutting the material and the material is hot after the cutting.

Chop Saw vs Miter Saw

But some manufacturers have made chop saw with multipurpose cold-cut blade where there will be little sparks and the material is cold to the touch after the cutting process. Chop saw for wood is more common chop saws type because it is pretty easy to operate. Although this chop saw can only move up and down for straight cutting, they are very fast and accurate for making cuts

Miter saw comes in 10 to 12 inches. Just like the chop saw, the miter saw also comes with round blade. The blade of the miter saw can be angled and tilted to make a clean cut. This saw is very good to be used on small board or light materials. The ability to make angled cuts in miter saw is very helpful in framing, wood working, or molding project.

Chop Saw vs Miter Saw Differences

Chop saw and miter saw is the most common saws that get confused to be differentiate at first glance. Both of them use a circular blade and move up and down instead of back and forth. Nevertheless, they have some differences that make them stand out from each other.

Chop saw’s blade can only be use to cut straight up and down line in cutting, while the miter saw’s blade can be spin, angled and tilted as its axis can swivel. If you look at the appearances, chop saw is bigger and more powerful than miter saw.

Chop saw is more perfect to be used to cut for hard and heavy materials, such as a large sheet of metal, since it has bigger motor and a larger blade.

The chop saw is more suitable for building-site or production shops. On the other hand, miter saw is particularly designed for woodworking; to cut wood, trim angles, cut molding pieces, and make cleaner cuts for product finishing.

Regarding what materials you will be working with, there are appropriate saw that can meet your needs. The key is to know the different between the chop saw vs miter saw.