How To Soundproof a Room In An Apartment

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Living in an apartment is great and nice, but it does not mean that there is no downfall on it. One of the main downfalls that we have to face everyday is noise, whether it is coming from the neighbours, or even the sounds of cars at 2 A.M.

Believe it or not, those kind of noises could be such a huge turn off for you, especially when you are tired and you just want to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere by yourself, but you cannot do that because there is incessant noise that keep on irritating you.

How To Soundproof a Room In Apartment

Well, you could drown it by creating your own noises, but for the sake of fellowship you should consider soundproofing. Hence, this article will talk about how to soundproof a room in an apartment. Without further a due here are some tips and tricks: 

How to Soundproof an Apartment Room 

If you are tired of the noisy neighbourhood and busy street you should consider doing some soundproofing to your apartment room. Below are several tricks that you could definitely do in  how to soundproof a room in an apartment: 

Hang Heavy Curtain 

The first trick that you should do is hanging heavy curtains. You could easily change the old curtains from your landlord and replace it with the new heavy curtains.

Bear it in mind, that you should find an ultra heavy drapes which have some layers of fabrics on it. To ease you in looking for them, you could choose heavy curtain that had a blackout or insulated label on them. 

Seal door gaps

The second tricks of how to soundproof a room in an apartment that you could do is sealing door gaps. No matter how tiny your door gap is the sound could definitely leak through them. 

Therefore, you need to ensure that your door is weatherproofed, specifically on the bottom of the door, because it is where the biggest gaps commonly are. You could use a thick strip or rubber for your best sealer door, or you could use draft stopper for your room door. 

Seal door gaps

Layer Your Floor with Rugs 

Last but not least you could soundproof your apartment room by layering the floor with rugs. These rugs could help you in muffling the sound that comes from the outside of your apartment. You just need to cover your apartment room floor with  a heavy, high pile rugs that has already holstered with high-density foam pad beneath. 

How to Soundproof an Apartment Room for Drums

Below are several ways to soundproof an apartment room for drum: 

Find the Leaks 

The first thing that you need to do in how to soundproof a room in an apartment especially for drum is by finding the leaks. By doing this you could reduce sounds that coming out or coming in to your room. To find the leaks you could start from your door. Seal the gaps on your door and door frame. Once you seal all of the leaks on your door, you could proceed to seal the leaks that exist on your windows. 

Find Leaks to Soundproof an Apartment

Place Rugs Underneath Your Drum 

The next thing that you could do in soundproofing an apartment room for drum is by placing rugs underneath the drum. This way the rugs will be able to help to reduce the sound that is coming out from the drum kit. 

Add acoustic foam from Wall to Ceilings 

Furthermore, you need to cover all of your wall to ceiling with an acoustic foam. That way the extra loud sounds that is coming from your drum kit could be reduced. Furthermore, this acoustic foam could help in reducing the ricocheted sound that is produced by the drum kits. 

How to Soundproof a Room from Noisy Neighbours 

There are some ways that you could do in how to soundproof a room in an apartment,especially from your noisy neighbours. The first thing that you could do is by soundproofing your doors and walls. You could do that by covers your walls and doors with thick fabric or even curtains, so they will be able to muffle the sound of your neighbours.

Furthermore, you could also soundproofing your doors by sealing the gaps on your doors and doors frame. Next, you could also soundproofing your windows you could seal all the gaps on your windows with the same seals that you use on your door.

Double paned windows to Soundproof a Room

However you could also change your windows with double paned windows, because they have an extra layer of glass that will definitely help in reducing sounds. Lastly, don’t forget to add hang heavy curtains to your windows. Apart from the fact that they comes in numerous variety of colours, and designs, they are also great in blocking the sounds of your noisy neighbours.