Complete Guide on How to Remove Delta Shower Handle Easily

Delta is one of the most known brands for shower faucets on the market due to their quality, design, and lifetime warranty. That being said, if your Delta shower faucet is broken and it needs replacement, then it is possible to solve the problem by yourself. Before you can replace the item, however, you need to know how to remove Delta Shower handle, which the steps will be explained in the following.

How to Remove Delta Monitor Shower Handle

To discover the fault on your Delta shower and proceed to do the maintenance, it is necessary to disassemble the handle first. Here’s how you can take off the handle of Delta Monitor shower:

  1. Close the water flow that comes out of the faucet from the main water source.
  1. Using the right Allen wrench, release the set of screws on the handle. Start by removing the small cap on the handle’s base of your Delta Monitor shower, then continue with the handle of temperature control, followed by pulling the screw carefully.
  1. Remove the bonnet by using channel-lock pliers or the trim sleeve if it cannot be removed easily due to sediment accumulation. Ensure that the stop-cap is positioned back to its original position.
  1. Pull the cartridge rearwards and lift it off from the head of the shower faucet. Hold the top part of the cartridge cautiously using channel-lock pliers, especially if it is clung hardly to the faucet.

How to Remove a Stuck Delta Shower Faucet Handle

The scale may build up underneath your Delta Shower Faucet Handle, particularly if the handle is old, for example, if you have a 25-year-old Delta shower faucet. To remove a stuck shower faucet handle, you can use vinegar to dissolve the scale. Follow the steps below:

  1. Insert some distilled white vinegar inside a spray bottle.
  1. Spray the vinegar to the underneath part of the handle liberally. Do not worry if the vinegar drips because it won’t harm anything.
  1. Wait for at least 30 minutes before you wiggle and pull the handle.
  1. If the handle is still struck, repeat the 2nd and 3rd steps above.

The vinegar method is usually effective in solving the stuck shower faucet handle issue. However, if it doesn’t work for you, you may want to use a commercial scale dissolver. Another alternative is to attach a quarter-inch rubber tube to the sprayer nozzle and apply it into the gap between the valve stem and handle.

How to Remove Delta Shower Handle Knob

Depending on your faucet type, you may have single or double knobs. Either way, the process of removing the knob is actually quite easy. Read and follow the guide below:

  1. Cut off the water supply beneath the sink temporarily. Spin the Delta shower faucet handles to ensure the water flow is off and drain any water from the faucet and lines.
  1. Yank the plastic disc located on the top of the handles by using a flathead screwdriver in a small size to expose the screws of the handle.
  1. Release the screws of the faucet handle to remove the acrylic handle. Take out the handles from the faucet stems to show the retainer nuts.
  1. Spin the retainer nut on counterclockwise rotation by using pliers. Remove the nuts from the shower faucet by using your fingers.
  1. Remove the stem from the shower faucet and spin it to 180°.

Even if you aren’t familiar with home improvement projects, removing the shower handle is quite easy. As long as you’re following the steps on removing Delta Shower handle guide above correctly and using the correct tools, it must be done in no time.

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