How to Find a Leak in an Above Ground Pool in Vinyl Liner Material

The water in the above-ground pool decreases naturally, whether it is evaporation or splashed-out water. However, if you regularly have to add more than 2” of water each week, there is a possibility of leakage.

So, how to find a leak in an above-ground pool ? Here’s the guide for it.

How to Find a Leak in an Above Ground Pool

How to Find a Leak in an Above Ground Pool

Before you even wonder, ‘how can I tell where my pool is leaking? It must be confirmed that there’s indeed a leak. Here are the steps to confirm that your pool has leaked on it:

  1. Set bucket water with 5 gallons of water beside the pool.
  1. Put a mark on the level of water inside the bucket by using painter’s tape.
  1. Put a mark on the level of water inside the pool by using painter’s tape.
  1. Wait for a day, then look for the difference in water level in the pool and bucket.
  1. If the pool’s water difference is greater than the one on the bucket, then it is confirmed that there’s a leak in your pool. If the disparity is small, then the water loss might be caused by evaporation.
  1. If there’s indeed a leak, it’s time to find out where.

How to Find a Leak in Pool Liner?

Here’s how you can find a leak in above ground pool liner:

  1. Clean the filter or pump area if it’s overgrown or cluttered. Get rid of the weeds and put away any rocks, toys, or items from the liner pool. See if there’s any pile below the pump and remove if there’s any from the area.
  1. Sometimes leaks get worse when your pump is turned on. So, turn the pump on, and you will be able to see a bigger leak easily. Observe for wetness signs in the area.
  1. Go down on your knees and hands, and inspect all the components, including lids, fittings, and hoses, to see if there’s drip. Observe the area under the liner pool’s pump thoroughly, as there are shaft seals in pumps that may leak directly into the ground even if there’s no visible wetness on the ground.

Inspect the skimmer box and return on your pool, too, by looking into the underneath area directly, as the leaks commonly happen there.

How to Find a Leak in an Above Ground Vinyl Pool

Here’s how you can discover a leak in above-groundound vinyl pool:

  1. Switch off the pool pump and allow the water surface to be still. Stand on the outside of the vinyl pool so you’re able to see its bottom area as clear as you can.
  1. Observe the bottom area of the pool from every angle while you stand around it. Water typically leaks to the ground under the vinyl pool if there’s a leak.
  1. If you can’t seem to locate any leak location just by standing, observe the surrounding area of the pool to find any sign of unreasonable wetness.
  1. Get as close as possible. The leaking hole may form anywhere along with the vinyl material, but it’s most often form in the bottom area of the pool’s wall. Get up-close to the bottom area and inspect carefully if you see any holes, divots, or valleys.

The guide on how to find a leak in an above-ground pool is easy to do, but it requires time and patience as water leaks can be deceiving. Therefore, take as much time as you possibly can. After you have checked the spots and fix the leak, you’d be able to have fun with the pool without having any worry.

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