What Temperature Should A Hot Water Heater Be Set ?

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What temperature should a hot water heater be set at is perhaps one of the biggest question in related to water heater. An exaggeration? Perhaps. But it seems like everyone has their own opinion on the proper temperature setting.

It’s quite mind-blowing to see how a matter as simple as this is can have such varied answers, to the point most of us chalk it up to the fact that it is a matter of preference. But somehow, we cannot help but wonder whether there is actually the right temperature that all of us should set our water heaters to regardless of our preferences.

Chances are, when our minds travel back to the aforementioned question, we are having a problem related to the temperature aspect of our water heater. Perhaps our water is too hot, or perhaps it is not hot enough. Sometimes there is even not enough hot water, and other times our water heater seems to take longer than it’s supposed to in order to generate hot enough water.

What Temperature Should A Hot Water Heater Be Set

Dealing with water heater can be overwhelming, not to mention the fact that when the temperature setting is not hot enough, we risk our health and well-being. What is worse than showering with cold water during winter season? Showering with water so hot it is practically scalding – and what is worse than showering with water that is too hot? Showering with water that has extremely unpleasant odor and ending up with a disease.

Yes, all of the aforementioned scenarios are highly likely. When you smell such strong unpleasant odor coming from your water, it is typically due to bacteria contamination – the result of not having set the temperature right.

The smell of this bacteria contamination is not the only factor you must worry about, but also your well-being. This stagnant, contaminated water is the biggest offender of Legionnaires disease.

This disease is categorized as one of the types of pneumonia. Improper temperature setting may give Legionella a chance to survive and spread, so how do we fix these issues? The only way to remedy these issues is none other than understanding the correct temperature setting for our water heater. So what’s the best temperature for my water heater

When you sense your water is contaminated by bacteria, rising the temperature to 140-degree Fahrenheit (60-degree Celcius) for at least 2-minutes is enough to kill 90-percent of Legionella bacteria where as 158-degree Fahrenheit (70-degree Celcius) would kill the bacteria instantly.

Once your tank is free of bacterial contamination, always have your water heater set and maintained at 120-degree Fahrenheit as it’s the proper setting.

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