How to solve Hot Water Heater Smells Like Gas

Do you ever experience your water heater smells like gas? When you see this, you might say, “oh it smells like leaking gas,” and you need to call a professional to help you to solve it. As we know that, gas has no smell odor.  The chemical content called mercaptan is added to detect the gas when leaking better.

The chemical has a distinct smell and highly noticeable when the gas leaked. The gas smells like odor in the water heater can be linked to several things. What you need to when you deal with this? Here are the steps for you.

First, do not panic. Ensure what you are smell. If you smell your water heater like the sulfur smell or what that called rotten eggs smell, this can be a sign of leak gas. Many smells can result from a water heater. 

When you have a rotten egg smell in your water heater, this is caused by bacteria reacts to aluminum or magnesium anodes that make corrosive elements due to water.

Hot Water Heater Smells Like Gas

In this case, it means you have a problem with hydrogen sulfide in your water and need to replace the anode with another type that will not produce this odor.  When you have a natural gas water heater, then ensure that you have precautions. Before doing anything else, it is better to leave home and call the local heating expert.

This professional can determine whether you have leaking gas or not.

The gas leak can fast turn into dangerous problem when you not call the help immediately. Do not turn the gas back until your water heater gas has been repaired or diagnosed that it has no gas leak.

If your water heater problem gets worst, then you might need to buy a new water heater. Here are some signs that can help you to identify whether you need a new water heater for your family.

  • The water that comes out from the water heater looks rusty or has non-clear color.
  • The water out is not hot enough or not hot at all.
  • The water out has a strange odor, or it has a metallic taste. This signifies that your water heater is broken down and needs to be replaced with the new one.
  • Some loud pops and cracks indicate the heating element is broken fail.
  • Your water heater has been 10 years old. Many manufacturers that provide a warranty for water heater last to 10 years. If you have a water heater 10 years old, then it is close to life expectancy.