How to Light a Water Heater with Electronic Pilot Part 2

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How to light a water heater with electronic pilot maybe one of the many question asked on the internet. In most cases, the water heater has gone out and many people are trying to fix the furnace. But they may be confuse and surprise when they find out that their furnace do not have a pilot light at all.

Nowadays, modern water heater use electronic ignition system to light the pilot. It is quite different from the old fashion, the standing pilot ignition system, water heater. The electronic ignition usually only utilizes energy when the water heater is calling for heat.

Most of its systems use direct ignition to the main burner, even though there are some that have indirect electronic ignition system to automatically light the water heater pilot.

How to Light a Water Pilot

Types of Water Heater

Knowing the types of your water heater is important since it will help you greatly on how to ignite the pilot correctly. Here are some water heaters types that you need to know;

Standing Pilot. Standing pilot ignition is one of the old types of water heater. The old standing pilot does not have electronic pilot that can show you the pilot light status or ignition button. But, nowadays, the standing pilot has some new formation that has electronic ignition. The new standard pilot water heater has a gas control, status light, and ignition button to lightning a water heater pilot with an ignition.

Electronic Ignition without a Pilot. Some of the modern water heaters do not include standing pilot light. The electric one will only light when the heat is needed.

How to Light the Water Heater with Electronic Pilot

Electronic water heater can be either has pilot light or no pilot light. If you use the electronic water heater with standing pilot, follow this simple step on how to ignite it:

Light the Water Heater with Electronic Pilot

Step 1: Check whether the water heater has fan or other units that has electric wire. If so, make sure that the circuit is on.

Step 2: Once done, turn on the gas valve.

Step 3: Rotate the button of gas control to the pilot position. After you have done that, push in the button. Some models of the electric water heater, instead of pushing the button in, there is a red button next to the gas control button that will do the job.

Step 4: Press the button and hold it down while you do the next step.

Step 5: Keep holding the gas valve control button for a minute until you see the status light blinks for every few seconds, this is to make sure that the pilot light will stays lit.

Step 6: If the pilot does not stay lit, you have to repeat the previous step until the pilot light is lit. Once done, you can now turn the gas valve control toward the heat position. Set the heat hotter if you prefer it to be. Listen for awhile or look at the gas burner to fire.

Now you know how to light a water pilot with electronic pilot.

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