How Long Does It Take To Install A Water Heater

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How long does it take to install a water heater? That question sometime will come up when you want to install a water heater. Duration became one of important consideration when you want to install water heater. The faster it takes to install, the faster also you can use and enjoy the utility of the product.

There are many factors that can influence and determine how long it will take for a water heater installation. One of the factors is whether your install the new water heater for the first time or you replace the old one. Each condition will give different result in term of time in water heater installation.

Installing a New Water Heater

In term of time of water heater installation, installing a new water heater for the first time in your home can be much longer than you expected. Approximately, it will need up to 4 hours.

It takes such a long time because it doesn’t only simply install the heater. One of the fundamental aspects of conventional and most common water heater is tank.

The installation of tank its self will need some procedure such as observation of where the tank should be put and installing the tank. This is the most consuming time procedure.

It will take up 2 hour and more regarding to the condition of the home.  After we have done with the tank, the water heater is installed.

Install A Water Heater

This process of putting the water heater into the place relatively doesn’t require long time installation. A professional should be able to put the heater in around 30 minutes. After that, the next procedure is connecting the heater to the water and the power source. It also involves testing the unit and adjusting the setting. This procedure will take up to one and a half hours.

Replacing a Water Heater

The process of replacing the old water heater with new one requires less time than installing a new one. Typically, replacing a water heater should not last more than 2-3 hours. The process is started by drying the tank and remove the tank as well as disconnecting the power source and water supply lines.

Replacing a Water Heater

It will take an hour until one and a half hours. The rest of the process is relatively same with installing a new water heater. The old heater is removed and removed with the new one. After that, connect the heater to water and the power source, including testing and setting adjusting.  This process will require up to two hours.

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