How to Convert Gas Water Heater to Electric

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When you want to change your gas water heater into electric water heater, you have to know about how to convert gas water heater to electric. Actually, there are some ways to convert gas water heater to electric water heater. Read the information below to know tips to convert gas water heater into electric water heater.

Why You Convert Gas to Electric Water Heater

For people who are not familiar with water heater, they may confuse seeing some people who want to convert gas water heater into electric water heater. Actually, there are some reasons that attract people to do it. For example is efficiency.

Comparing to gas water heater, electric water heater included into water heater with good energy efficiency. It means there is no much energy used when you have electric water heater. Electric water heater is also practice and simple to be used. But, there is also some weakness of electric water heater. For example is about power outage. Gas water heater will be able to use whenever the power outage comes. But if you choose electric water heater, it will not work when power outage comes.

Although has weakness, but there are still many people who want to change their gas water heater to electric. As we know that electric water heater can also give so many benefits. How to convert gas to electric water heater? Find the answer below.

Steps to Converts Gas to Electric Water Heater

There are some simple ways can be sued for converting gas water heater to electric water heater. You can follow the steps below:

  • The first step you have to do is checking your electric panel. Make sure your electric panel has the capacity to feed and electric water heater. If the panel is small, you can upgrade it to bigger panel.
  • Disconnect and remove your old gas water heater. Make sure you shut off the gas and water, and then drain water using garden hose. After that, disconnect the gasline and vent or chimney. And then, plug chimney with fiberglass insulation.
  • Cut old waterlines and pull the water heater.
  • Prepare closet for new electric water heater
  • Install your new electric water heater. Before install electric water heater to closet, you have to install any fittings to hook waterlines to the heater.
  • Set the water heater on the closet, and then connect the waterlines. After that, you can turn the water on.
  • To avoid leak, you can add leak detector. It will be useful for you because any leaks will be detected easily.
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